Monday, July 27, 2015

Adult Swim Singles Presents 19 weeks of Free Music featuring: THOU

Adult Swim is a cable network that plays unorthodox comedy and adult animation. Their connection with the weird has earned their shows cult followings and a place at the cool kids table. This has often manifested as collaborations with independent music. Adult Swim's latest collaboration has them working with 19 different artists in 19 weeks, releasing a free track in conjunction with a shirt designed for that specific track (not free of course.)

The eight week had the show team up with the mighty THOU to release a track titled "Eyehatethou," an obvious nod to Eyehategod fellow New Orleans residents and sludge metal legends.  Thou stays true to form in this single by releasing a heavy as fuck track of body-dragging riffage.  You can stream or download the track below as well as find links to the other weeks' singles (the Thou track is from the 8th week) and links to purchase the shirts.

Get it here:

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