Friday, June 27, 2014

Sutekh Hexen - Discography [FREE]

Yes you read that correctly, Sutekh Hexen has graciously posted pretty much their entire discography to date up for FREE download on their site!  Maybe 'graciously' isn't the correct adjective in this instance, since 'grace' may be the last word one would use to describe the music of this Oakland-based metal band. Sutekh Hexen play a form of black metal that sounds like a sea of demons trying to scream and scrape their way out of the abyss.  At times they attempt to drown the cacophony behind a drone-drenched fog, but the harsh din always finds a way to claw through the haze.  The resultant, drumless reverse-exorcism barrages your senses until they are raw - its definitely an experience that burns into your memory.

Their live shows are also an experience you won't forget; with the band being almost completely covered in an actual fog that progressively fills the room until all that's left is the spotlights behind the mist, and the harsh sound enveloping you.  This is music that deserves to be supported and it's all here for fucking FREE. We haven't seen a free discography of this caliber since we posted Thou's site! So buy a shirt, cassette, vinyl or all of the above as you download some of the best lo-fi black metal out today. -GodzIL 

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Yasiin Gaye: The Return (Side Two) [Free Download]

Nashville-based DJ/producer Amerigo Gazaway is back again with the sequel to his infamous Mos Def/Marvin Gaye mash-up! Yasiin Gaye: The Return (Side Two) once again combines Yasiin Bey vocals with Marvin Gaye instrumentals, but this time pairing them with mostly Marvin-produced tracks as opposed to staying strictly with his own songs. Check out what Amerigo had to say about Marvin Gaye's futuristic style of production and download the 18-track album below!:

“I wanted to build this side from more of Marvin’s original production work. He was doing a lot of what we do now, in terms of looping and pulling samples from other pre-recorded sessions decades before hip-hop made it common practice to do so. This also gave me the room to feature other artist [Chuck Berry, The Temptations, Talib, etc.] and re-present those classic Mos [Def] verses in a new context.” -GodzIL

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Friday, June 06, 2014

Ungoliant - No More the World of Man [Free Download]

Ungoliant (not to be confused with the Swedish Black Metal band of the same name) was a doom metal band formed by famed underground, Oakland-based artist Skinner. The artist’s murals can be found around the world from Russia to Cuba and all across the United States. His work has also been celebrated in various publications including Juxtapoz, Hi Fructose and Beautiful/Decay. Skinner has recently provided the artwork for Mastodon’s upcoming album “Once More 'Round the Sun” which will be released June 24, 2014, via Reprise Records. Along with all this he is also a lover & creator of collectible vinyl toys and runs his own apparel label ‘Critical Hit’ which features his psychedelic art emblazoned across everything from shirts, silk-screen stickers and posters.

This is all fine and dandy but even if none of it were true, this would still be a damn fine doom album with or without the clout that Skinner’s nightmarish creations bring. Their album “No More the World of Man” is a wonderfully heavy trip just shy of 45 minutes that touches all aspects of the doom subgenre, with vocals that sound like the voice of an ancient warrior wailing victoriously over a bloody battlefield! The first track "Wretched Mind" drudges along at a pace that border on Funeral Doom territory. The second track “Mountains of Madness” picks up the speed with riffs reminiscent of the old school death/doom of bands like Finland’s Hooded Menace. The psychedelic tinge starts to creep in more and more in the next few track Politics of Misery and Unlight of Ungoliant, bringing a triumphant end to this wonderful blend of psych-sabbathian stoner sludge.

It’s a shame that the band only lasted a year, and an even bigger shame that it took me this long to discover it, but No More the World of Man is a massive memorial to the band’s short-lived term. Download the album at the link below and pray to Melkor that the band makes music again in some form or another. -GodzIL

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