Thursday, February 27, 2014

Batman Versus The Terminator [Video]

Tony Guerrero and Mitchell Hammond have created an awesome fan-made film of something we definitely hope gets greenlit in some form for the future: Batman Versus The Terminator! Yup you read that right, BATMAN VS TERMINATOR – and its fucking GREAT! The animated film features music by Noir Deco and depicts a very 'Dark Knight Returns' influenced armored Batman trying to take back a post-apocalyptic world from Skynet and its Terminators. The animation is very clean and slightly anime influenced, and I can see this easily fitting in with DCs string of animated videos. Unfortunately this feature is only about 5 minutes long and the only video on their Youtube page so far, plus it leaves us at a cliffhanger before Bruce can actually go mano-a-roboto with a Terminator. Its still a badass teaser nonetheless! Oh yeah btw - Batman has a moustache in this. A MOUSTACHE!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

65daysofstatic: The Last Dance [Free EP]

I mentioned 65daysofstatic in comparison to Fuck Buttons in my Top Albums of 2013 list and it got me thinking about what the band has been up to of late. It turns out that they released a fantastic album last year called "Wild Light."  They also released a FREE retrospective EP with tracks mostly culled from 2010's "We Were Exploding Anyway" and their alternate soundtrack to the 1972 science fiction film, "Silent Running." The bands blend of instrumental post-rock and electronic music is completely unique and instantly recognizable so if you're not a fan yet feel free to dive in at any point of their discography. You can stream and download the free EP below and be sure to pick up their latest album Wild Light.


Starlog Magazine [Free Downloads]

GEEKS REJOICE!  224 issues of the iconic Sci-Fi magazine "Starlog" has been uploaded to the Internet Archive for free download!  Starlog was first published in 1976 and succumbed to the decreasing popularity of print in 2009.  They tried going strong with a website (they were even briefly a sister site to Fangoria Magazine) but after getting their site back they subsequently shut down before they could publish their final issue online.  The magazine covered subjects such as the Star Trek phenomenon, The Bionic Woman, Dr. Who and Buck Rogers with issue 224 covering topics like TV show 3rd Rock From the Sun and the movie 12 Monkeys.  You can now download the first 224 issues in PDF, or text-only, or in a Kindle-ready format and a few other formats at the link below.  Happy reading!

"The Internet Archive is a non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library. Its purposes include offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format."

Get it here:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pre-order DJ Qbert's New Album: Extraterrestria

DJ Qbert was already legendary before he released the world's first all-scratch album "Wavetwisters" in 1998, which was accompanied by a groundbreaking animated film that came out in 2001. A world renown turntablist, founder of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz and multiple DMC Champion; Qbert has since become known as a pioneer in turntablism and the world's greatest scratch DJ. His follow-up album EXTRATERRESTRIA has been highly anticipated for almost 15 years and Q is meeting those expectations head-on! The album features cellist and trombonist Dana Leong and super producer Chad Hugo of The Neptunes/N*E*R*D fame. It is also being released in conjunction with GALAXXXIAN, a compilation album of tracks featuring Q on the cuts with MCs such as Kool Keith, Del The Funkyhomosapien, Bambu, Soul Khan, Mr.Lif, El-P, Madchild and more. To top it all off the album packaging is going to incorporate revolutionary technology that will turn the gatefold cover into an actual DJ Controller that will be able to manipulate MP3s via the Algoriddim's DJay app and Novalia's capacitive touch technology! You have a few days left to pre-order the album via his Kickstarter, which includes perks such as a deluxe box set, tshirt, signed mixers and QFO's and even an exclusive DJ Tech/Thudrumble mixer collaboration! Pre-order below and be on the lookout for more news to come:

COFFINS Announce 2014 US Tour Dates

Japan's death-doom ambassadors Coffins have announced their first set of US tour dates in FOUR YEARS including a stop at this year's Maryland Deathfest. The 2010 MDF was a fest full many highlights and Coffins managed to stand out from the dozens of other bands in attendance, so if you're even remotely near any of their US dates we HIGHLY recommend you make the trek! Check out a full list of tourdates below and re-visit Coffins' excellent Relapse Records debut "The Fleshland" below.

COFFINS 2014 U.S. Tour Dates:
5/18/2014 Reggie's - Chicago, IL w/ BONES
5/19/2014 Now That's Class - Cleveland, OH w/ Bones
5/20/2014 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY w/ Bones
5/21/2014 Kung Fu Knife Shop - Philadelphia, PA w/ Bones
5/22/2014 Maryland Deathfest - Baltimore, MD