Thursday, October 31, 2013

A-Track & Armand Van Helden aka Duck Sauce - Ducktape [Free Mix/Cassette Release]

Duck Sauce is a dance music duo composed of deejays A-Trak and Armand Van Helden.  A-Trak is now known worldwide as a dance DJ and co-head of Fools Gold Records but he originally came into fame back in the day for being the youngest and first Canadian DMC World Champion at age 15. He then went on to be the first DJ to win three separate major DJ competition titles (DMC, ITF and Vestax) as well as be the first DJ to win five World Championships.  Armand Van Helden is a legendary house DJ and producer who topped charts around the world with his remixes and his own original songs.  The duo came together a couple of years ago and together have become Grammy nominated and won an International Dance Music Awards for Best Underground Dance Track.  Duck Sauce recently contributed to BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix series earlier this month with an hour of original music and an hour-long mix of other artists' tracks - and now the first half of that mix has been released as "The Duck Tape."

The Duck Tape contains 34 unreleased demos as well as the singles "It's You" and "Radio Stereo." It's a solid dance mix full of energy & humor frequently mixing in ridiculous samples such as duck quacks and Ancient Aliens snippets. The tape is out on Fools Gold Records and, similar to their previous release of "Run the Jewels," is available for FREE download as well as being free with purchase of various merch bundles. I for one am a huge fan of this strategy and hopes it catches on with more labels while still managing to let them be profitable. You can download it from the Soundcloud player and purchase the shirt/cassette bundle or even a friggin gold bomber jacket rockin RUBBER DUCK with the Duck Tape at the link below:

Get it Here:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Clipping - Midcity [Review/Free Download]

Clipping is a Los Angeles based trio that consists of noise artist William Hutson (Rale), film soundtrack composer Jonathan Snipes (ex-Captain Ahab) and MC Daveed Diggs. What started as a remix project for the collective has turned into a full-fledged Noise-rap group which resulted in this free mixtape: Midcity.  One would assume the combination of said genres would either sound like Mike Ladd, Anti-Pop Consortium, Saul Williams or Kool Keith spitting spoken word or screaming over a wall of screech and industrial percussion - but Clipping shuns the obvious avant-garde references and creates something unique by approaching the synthesis rather traditionally.

Most of the album is actually pretty minimalistic besides some bursts of distortion, mashing up musique concrete and ambient soundscapes with lyrical gangster rap as opposed to being a continual onslaught of feedback and growls.  The sound may be too mellow for the extreme harsh noise listener but the sparseness itself is what will make this palpable to the uninitiated.  Parts of the skittering tracks can even pass for IDM or Glitch Hop.  Bass pulses, static and rhythmic noise samples replace traditional drum beats while Daveed trades extremely acrobatic rhymes and sometimes tongue twisting verses in-between and over the chaos.  Although talented, Digg's rapping doesn't stray too far from the norm despite the experimental backdrop and so getting turnt, swag, droppin E, fuckin bitches and all around thuggery dominate the subject matter so much that all you would need is the latest trap music or drill beats behind these lyrics and you have a hit radio album.  This may come off as frivolous on paper but luckily its all delivered with the same seriousness as the level of skill present by all. 

This is probably the only album you’ll ever hear harsh noise bursts over auto-tuned hooks and for good reason, the combination of these 2 genres is a delicate balance that only a few can pull off.  Hardcore Hip Hop heads probably won’t like this (if you found Death Grips or the latest CX Kidtronik album too abrasive you will HATE this) and noise traditionalists won’t like the musical gentrification it may bring so purists of either side will steer clear - but fans of experimental music will definitely want to give this a try.  There is some good noise and some great Hip Hop here (there’s even some scratching present) but right now the two are more like roommates than a marriage and I’m anxiously awaiting the birth of something new when they finally tie the knot. Be on the lookout for their Sub Pop debut early next year which has the potential to be a very polarizing classic.

Download for Free Here:


Monday, October 21, 2013

Relapse Records Fall 2013 Sampler [FREE]

The leaves and plants around us are starting to die so that means it’s that time of year again! The 2013 free Fall sampler from Relapse Records is finally here!  26 tracks from some of the best acts in extreme music are up for free download including new songs from Toxic Holocaust, Coffins, Revocation, Red Fang, True Widow and more!  Check out the track from Chicago based band Weekend Nachos off of their new album “Still” and the insane track from the new album of recent Relapse signees Obliteration!  Obliteration’s Black Death Horizon and Weekend Nacho’s new album will both be out on November 8th while the new albums from Exhumed, Ulcerate, Locrian, Howl and Windhand are out NOW!  Download the sampler from their Bandcamp link below or you can also get it for free from Amazon’s MP3 store!

Download Here:

Buy Here:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Godflesh 2013 US Tour Postponed

The rumors are unfortunately true - the Godflesh/Prurient mini-US tour has been postponed until further notice.  Apparently Broadrick and his legal team have been having problems getting a response for the band's work Visas and the recent US Government shutdown has finalized their fears.  JK and co hope to have new dates announced in the next couple of days and the majority of the venues will likely be honoring any tickets that have already been bought.  You can read the full news from the post Justin made from his Facebook below:

"Unfortunately we have to now officially announce that the GODFLESH mini tour of the US is now postponed, the rescheduled dates will be announced shortly, the dates will now be in April 2014, we cannot yet confirm if tickets can be retained for the new dates, but we have information that this is in the process, the venues are the same besides one show, this will be confirmed over the next few days, we also hope to have exactly the same roster of supports - Prurient, Nails, and House Of Low Culture.

The reason for all this is once again visa issues; as is often the case with UK and European artists wishing to work/perform in the US, it is a laborious process, and it was stalled by the US immigration office, the USCIS, that reviews and processes these visas.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bastard Noise / Brutal Truth Announce Split Release

Grindcore masters Brutal Truth has always had a soft (harsh?) spot for noise, often incorporating it into their music and collaborating with noise acts in their 20+ years of existence. So it isn’t a surprise, and in fact is more of a foregone conclusion, when a split with legendary noise/powerviolence Bastard Noise was recently announced. The split, entitled "The Axiom Of Post Inhumanity,” will be available on CD, LP and digital formats and will be released on November 11 via Relapse Records. In an interesting move both the CD and LP formats of the release contain entirely different sets of music from both bands while the digital version will collect all of the tracks onto one compilation. Various bundles will of course be available including one that comes with an exclusive t-shirt of the project. Check out the promotional trailer below followed by the full track listing.

The album is available for pre-order via Relapse mailorder:

"The Axiom Of Post Inhumanity" track listing:

LP track listing:

01. BRUTAL TRUTH - Control Room: Peace is the Victory Mix
02. BASTARD NOISE - Preemptive Epitaph for the Living
03. BASTARD NOISE - The Antenna Galaxies (ngc 4038-4039)
04. BASTARD NOISE - Frack Baby Frack

CD track listing:

01. BASTARD NOISE - The Duel of the Ant and the Dragonfly
02. BASTARD NOISE - The Horizon on Lynx
03. BASTARD NOISE - Horned Beetle Conflict
04. BASTARD NOISE - Mantis Colony
05. BRUTAL TRUTH - Control Room: Smoke Grind and Sleep Mix 06. BRUTAL TRUTH - The Stroy

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Utech Records Music Festival II

Wisconsin-based experimental label Utech Records held their first Music Festival 2 years ago in Milwaukee. The fest featured one of the greatest noise/drone lineups imaginable including Horseback, James Plotkin, House of Low Culture, Mamiffer, Locrian and Gog. Today they announce their 2nd Music Festival to be held once again in Milwaukee on December 6th. This time the lineup includes Trevor De Brauw, Suzuki Junzo from Japan and Idol Threat favorites Dead Neanderthals from the Netherlands! Having attended the first one we can guarantee this is an event you won’t want to miss, there’s no telling the next time we’ll have Dead Neanderthals or Suzuki Junzo here in the States! See the complete lineup and info below:


Cactus Club2496 S Wentworth Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207
December 6, 2013
7PM $20

Sum of R
Suzuki Junzo
Burning Tree
John Kolodij/Jon Mueller/Joseph Clayton Mills
Dead Neanderthals
Olivia Block
Trevor De Brauw/Steven Hess
Frank Rosaly

Friday, October 04, 2013

Black Leather Jesus 2014 European Tour Kickstarter

photo by Rose Selavy
Texas-based harsh noise supergroup Black Leather Jesus has been abusing ears for 25 years now and they are celebrating with a huge European tour that kicks off next year. Headed by noise legend Richard Ramirez, Black Leather Jesus has had a rotating cast of 20 members (mainly revolving around the core duo of Richard Ramirez and Sean Matzus) and its current incarnation consists of no less than 10-15 members. They are arguably America's greatest noise group so they are a must-see if they come anywhere near your neck of the woods.

Touring has notoriously been a huge burden on bands financially, mentally and physically. Couple that with oversea expenses and you can see why very few acts can make a trek into foreign countries to play for their fans. Independant artists usually have to get by sleeping on peoples' couches and selling just enough merch for transportation costs. Luckily with the advent of the digital age and sites like Kickstarter, artists can now offset at least some of the out of pocket costs by offering a chance to get merch ahead of time. Supporters can choose from a variety of donation options that comes with a BLJ button, digital download of unreleased material, silk-screened shirts or cassette releases from BLJ and their members including Fatal Apartment, The Godless Girl and Struggle Sessions. Donate below and check the dates for their EU Tour after the jump.

Buy/Donate here: Black Leather Jesus Kickstarter

Godzilla 2014 Film Teaser Trailer Leaked [Photos]

Warner Brothers' legal team is pulling trailers left and right from the sites that have been posting the leak so we're not even going to attempt to post it here. Instead what we'll do is post some screen shots of the leaked Godzilla footage courtesy of You can go to Google to try and see if you can still catch the video footage somewhere.