Monday, September 30, 2013

Gilead Media Fest II Initial Lineup Announced

The initial lineup for Gilead Media Fest II has been released and the usual suspects manage to show up along with a few new faces. The first Gilead Media Fest that took place last year was a runaway success and one of the best independant metal fests to date, so expect good things to come from it's sequel. Hell it was meant as a one-off event but the demand was too high, so get ready for July 18th-20th of next year - here's the press release and 13 of the 25 or so bands slated to play:

"The first Gilead Fest took place on April 28th & 29th, 2012 in my home town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This was an unbelievable weekend, filled with an incredible lineup of black metal, doom, punk, and drone bands from across the United States. Words will fail to explain exactly how meaningful this weekend was. A positive environment, many of my friends, many supporters of the label, and many of my favorite bands, all in one place for two straight days. Celebrating our collective love for music.

There were never plans to make this an annual event, or to even hold a second festival at all, truthfully. But time passes, and life oftentimes brings us back to places we never thought we’d see again, save for dreams and memories. So, that being said, the Gilead Media Music Festival will return July 18th-20th, 2014. Once again in lovely Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Exact venue is still yet to be determined, but I’ve had some positive conversations with a prospective venue that will understand the crowd, atmosphere, and music. More details on that soon. Here are the bands confirmed for 2014 so far..."


Ash Borer
Bastard Sapling
The Body
Generation of Vipers
Inter Arma
Mutilation Rites
Oozing Wound

Friday, September 27, 2013

THOU - Call No Man Happy Until He Is Dead [FREE]

Are we ever going to stop posting about THOU? Not in this lifetime fuckers! The (mostly) Baton Rouge, Lousiana-based sludge band has taken a slight break of late (or what is considered a 'break' for a band that averages 5 releases a year and tours extensively) with one member relocated to Oakland and another moving to San Diego. But it seems this recent mini-tour with False and Cloud Rat may be the trigger for a THOU-filled remainder of the year that will hopefully conclude with the release of their collaborative EP with The Body, their full-length "Heathen" and another EP of leftovers from said album. After this midwest tour is finished the next shows on the agenda will be with Barghest - which is guitarist Matthew Thudium's black metal band - in November with one being in Baton Rouge and two in Texas. Plus just to get closer to their 5-release average quota for the year the band released one of their early demos this past April on bandcamp.

The demo; entitled "Call No Man Happy Until He Is Dead," is a 5 song, 40 minute recording made before vocalist Bryan Funck joined. That means Matthew Thudium handled the vocal duties for this mostly-instrumental outing. The demo sounds alot more like early Louisiana sludge than their later releases with a heavier post rock influence, with some tracks even having parts that could very easily be mistaken for an early Mono song. This lends a more mournful/hopeful overall feel to it than their normal abrasive/aggresive sound, especially with the clean singing from Matt. Make no mistake however - this is still a Thou release so the album retains the riff-factory tradition of their signature sludge sound. Another solid release from one of the most prolific, consistent and heaviest bands out today. Big thanks to Ed of the "Black Metal of the Americas" Zine for the heads up.

Download Here: THOU - Call No Man Happy Until He Is Dead

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Permanent Records 7th Anniversary Party

Chicago record store/label Permanent Records are celebrating their 7th Anniversary with a FREE show at The Empty Bottle! The show is on Monday October 7th and features Idol Threat faves Rectal Hygienics along with Basic Cable and The Funs. Here's an excerpt of the press release from the Empty Bottle site:

"Chicago's BASIC CABLE find a way to have fun as they commiserate with each other, and their listeners. Fairly new to "the scene," their blown out guitars, shouted, monotone vocals and punishing rhythms make for a noisy, punk-as-fuck attack that tingles our dingles in ways we can barely comprehend. RECTAL HYGIENICS is a disgusting band name and, fittingly enough, RECTAL HYGIENICS is also a disgusting band, but in all the ways we like: The sludgy four-piece will terrorize your eardrums as their lead singer screams, provokes and harasses your brain with his blithering nonsense. The horrific blend of doomy, feedback-drenched hardcore may very well enduce a pants-shitting, but the warm feeling it leaves in your nether regions - and your heart - are well worth the mess you're left to clean up later. Reverb-heavy sludgey punks THE FUNS are local D.I.Y. heroes, having started their own cassette, vinyl and print label, Manic Static, that's known for its minimal-bordering-on-grisly aesthetic..."

The Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
Mon Oct 07 2013
9:00 PM 21+

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Shining performing "The Red Room" [Video]

Self-described Norwegian Blackjazz band 'Shining' played Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago tonight as part of their first North American tour (in fact their previous album "Blackjazz" made our Top 20 List of 2010 albums.) I managed to capture video of a blazing extended rendition of their track "The Red Room" above, and believe me when I tell you it was even more spectacular than this shaky video makes it out to be!  In one song they both show all their influences and prove why they're one of the best bands out today.  Hopefully they make it back out for another American tour soon, meanwhile you can enjoy the video and hopefully catch them on one of their remaining tour dates below:

9/23 Denver, CO – Marquis Theater: Buy Tix Here 

9/25 Santa Ana, CA – Observatory: Buy Tix Here

9/26 San Francisco, CA – Slim’s: Buy Tix Here

9/28 Los Angeles, CA – Roxy Theater: Buy Tix Here

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gaslamp Killer Heliocentrics Mixtape – HELIO GLK

Gaslamp Killer is a DJ/producer signed to Flying Lotus' left-field label Brainfeeder and co-founder of the famous LA instrumental hip hop showcase "Low End Theory."  The Heliocentrics are a London-based psyche-jazz collective led by the drummer/producer Malcolm Catto who have collaborated with many Hip Hop and Jazz artists including Madlib, DJ Shadow and Ethiopian Jazz musician Mulatu Astatke.  GLK has been a longtime fan of The Heliocentrics with Catto being a huge influence on him (GLK is also a drummer) so this mix isn't much of a surprise and has been a longtime coming.  The mix includes GLK re-edits of some of the tracks from the Helio's new album 13 Degrees of Reality, and the series of EPs that Now-Again Records will launch in 2014. He also mixes in some music from 60s ensembles that influenced the band.  You can download at the link below as well as purchase the limited 12 inch of the project.

Download here (Mac users right click "Save link as"): HELIO GLK

Buy here:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Church of Misery announce 2013 US Tour

Stoner Metal Japanese band Church of Misery have just announced a US tour starting in mid-October.  The tour will see them joined by doom metal band "The Gates of Slumber" for some dates including their November 1st date at Ultra Lounge in Chicago. The band, known for making almost all their albums about American Serial Killers, have just recently released their latest album "Thy Kingdom Scum" after reuniting with their former vocalist Hideki Fukasawa.  Check out the official press release from Metal Blade Records:

"Church of Misery Official, Japan's finest doom export, has announced tour dates for this fall in the United States! The band's latest album, "Thy Kingdom Scum," features the return of the band's original vocalist, Hideki Fukasawa... 

"Thy Kingdom Scum" was written and recorded by Tatsu Mikami, Junji Narita, Ikume Kawabe, and Hideki Fukasawa. The album has been praised as one of the best doom releases of 2013, with Decibel Magazine declaring it has "some of the wickedest doom grooves since Black Sabbath 40 years ago…it's resounding proof that no one right now-not even the reunited Sabbath with a newly wound-up Ozzy-can come close to the gargantuan swing of the mighty Church of Misery." Terrorizer Magazine adds that "Thy Kingdom Scum" is a "very welcome return of Hideki Fukasawa on vocals (and synth too)…reaching Anselmo-like drawling lows…" 

Check out the full tour dates after the jump.

Photo of Godzilla from Upcoming Legendary Pictures Movie

It seems that a Brazilian Gojira fan snapped the above picture of Godzilla's face on a poster for the upcoming Legendary Godzilla Film at a licensing expo in São Paulo (seen on the left).  No official confirmation has been made but this does seem to line up with what people saw at the "Godzilla Encounter" at this year's San Diego Comic Con (top right).  The eyes look disturbingly human-like and comical to me so I hope its only the angle and he looks meaner when he's revealed in the film.  I personally still like the design of the concept statues shown at SDCC 2013 (bottom left).

Monday, September 09, 2013

Pete Rock & Camp Lo - 80 Blocks From Tiffany's pt.II

Camp Lo has got to be one of the most underrated Hip Hop groups out today.  Bronx rappers Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede had a hit single in 1997 with "Luchini aka This is It," had most of their debut album produced by the legendary beat mastermind behind Jay Z's classic "Reasonable Doubt" Ski Beatz, have some of the most lyrically creative and complementary flows to date and a unique lingo that rivals the verbal intercourse of Ghost and Chef themselves.  Combine that pedigree with legendary producer Pete Rock of Pete Rock & CL Smooth fame and you have an album that you wouldn't believe is 'only' a mixtape!  80 Blocks From Tiffany's pt.II is the sequel to their 2011 collaboration that had Camp Lo acapellas mixing with classic Pete Rock production, but this time around they concentrate on mostly new material.  This mixtape features appearances from MOP, Talib Kweli, Ab-Soul and more with 26 tracks of quality music that I STILL can't believe is free.  Download from Datpiff at the link below and help celebrate the 20th anniversary album release of Pete Rock and CL Smooth's "Mecca and The Soul Brother."

Get some:

Monday, September 02, 2013

The Robert Glasper Experiment LIVE "Bootleg Radio"

Jazz pianist Robert Glasper is no stranger to R&B and Hip Hop.  Born in Texas, Glasper met singer Bilal at school in New York and has since worked with Mos Def as musical director, Q-Tip on The Renaissance, Kanye West with Late RegistrationMeshell Ndegeocello, J Dilla, Erykah Badu, Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, Common, Slum Village and Maxwell.  His incorporation of these genres into Jazz culminated in his 2012 fusion album Black Radio winning a Grammy for best R&B album.  He recently performed at Chicago's annual Jazz Fest this year with a surprise guest appearance from Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco who appeared on Black Radio and Black Radio 2 which is set to come out at the end of October.  The below MP3 is composed of various live tracks which was compiled by with live recordings courtesy of and is a great representation of the live show that The Robert Glasper Experiment puts on.  The comp features covers of 'ALL CAPS' by DOOM, A Tribe Called Quest's 'Electric Relaxation,' De La Soul's 'Stakes is High' and more along with live versions of various Black Radio tracks. Download it for free and be on the lookup for his sequel to Black Radio coming out October 29, 2013 on legendary Blue Note Records (click on the "Click here to start download from sendspace" link)

Download Here: The Robert Glasper Experiment - Bootleg Radio: LIVE