Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to Jack "King" Kirby

August 28, 1917 – February 6, 1994
Today is the birthday of the undisputed King of comics Jack Kirby! Jack was born Jacob Kurtzberg on August 28th 1917.  He was the creator/co-creator of many of Marvel and DC's greatest comic characters including Captain America, Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the New Gods, Etrigan the Demon and the Hulk. Jack's production drawings for "Lord of Light" was used as a cover for sneaking into Iran by the CIA in the late 70s (a story popularized by the recent Ben Afleck movie "Argo.") One of the greatest comic artists to ever touch pen to paper, Jack often never got his due which is apparent in the fact that the majority of the populace is unaware of his hefty contributions to the creations of recent Marvel movie characters. The Jack Kirby Awards (presented from 1985-1987) and Jack Kirby Hall of Fame were both named in his honor.

*To celebrate the birth of The King Hoax Hunters creators Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley are offering their Kirby-influenced Mini comic "The Omega Family" for FREE download today! Use the code 'king' below.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Robert Rodriguez Exclusive Announcements at Wizard World Chicago Con 2013 [with Photos]

Sin City and Once Upon a Time in Mexico director Robert Rodriguez revealed several exclusive news at his Q&A panel at this year's Chicago Wizard World Convention.  The rebel director lived up to his name when he announced that instead of merely producing his own tv show, he decided to just start his own television channel called "El Rey" instead.  He coupled this announcement with news that content for his new network will include a TV series of his Quentin Tarantino's movie "From Dusk Till Dawn."  Robert stated that El Rey will be an English speaking Hispanic station and hinted that we may the channel on the air as early as February of next year.  He also revealed that he is in the process of creating a remake of the cult classic animated film "Fire and Ice" which was based on the art and creations of fantasy/sci-fi master painter Frank Frazetta.  He went on to explain that his faithful reproduction will feature a more painterly style than the rotoscoped 1983 film as he showed us clips of the original film and pictures of concept art for his remake (check the jump for more!)  This project has been planned for awhile but got derailed when Rodriguez instead chose to produce the John Carter of Mars film (based on another book Frazetta worked on) and further pushed back with Frazetta's death.

Rodriguez has been a fan of the famous illustrator since he was a child and is currently raising money for his estate by selling limited edition Giclée prints of Frazettas paintings as well as oversized print shirts of the artwork designed by Rodriguez himself. The prints are limited to 100 each and range in price and the shirts are $40 all available at Robert Rodriguez's booth (2526.) Perhaps the greatest news of all was the fact that The Frank Frazetta Museum that is available to view all weekend at the Chicago Wizard Convention Room (for a suggested donation) is featuring the ORIGINAL paintings of Frazetta! The paintings have been locked in a vault since his death and has not been seen since and will probably never be available for public viewing again after this weekend!  These paintings are worth millions and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to view them in person in Room 49!

In addition he showed us a short film of Sin City creator Frank Miller viewing the original paintings when they were being photographed by Rodriguez for the prints as well as old video of Frazetta himself showing Robert the paintings and giving some background on them.  It's almost unreal to hear that some of his iconic and gorgeous paintings were done in one night's time!  The man was as fast as he was talented and the world is truly worse off without his genius.  The director also treated the fans to some exclusive footage of his Machete sequel Machete Kills and proved that he could be quick as well revealing that principal photography for the Machete sequel took only 29 days! (Unsurprising when you also realize the resourceful director filmed El Mariachi for only $7,000!)  All in all he gave his fans some incredible exclusives, check the jump for shots of concept art for Rodriguez's remake of Fire and Ice:

Friday, August 09, 2013

The Empty Bottle Family Friendly Block Party 9/1/13

The Empty Bottle is throwing its first “Friendly Family Block Party” this year on Sunday September 1st at noon outside their venue at the corner of Western & Cortez and the lineup is pretty eclectic. The bands that are playing have many members that actually work at the Bottle at some capacity and so the genres covered run from “arty metal to messy garage, indie-pop to thrashy punk, all your rock & roll desires!” The cost is only $5 fucking dollars and the lineup includes: Yakuza, Rabble Rabble, Circles,Planetsexploder, Pet Lions,Guzzlemug and Nude Intruder. There will also be delicious street food from Chef Dave Cooper of Bite Cafe (with vegetarian options available) and alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages too. As a heads up to the locals they will be shutting down the stretch of paved road next to their building (on Cortez between Western and the alley.) Plus there’s a dunk tank! You know fun times are ahead if a dunk tank is involved!

Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Ave

Chicago, IL 60622
Sunday Sep 1st Noon $5

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Wizard World Chicago 2013: The Unexpected Guests

The Chicago Comic Con hosted by Wizard World has been happening at the Rosemont Center (aka Donald E Stevens Convention Center) for as long as we can remember now and every year its been changing.  Lately its been becoming more and more like an old school Sci-Fi convention. It's been evolving more by bringing in more cult movie stars, tv actors and wrestlers to join the comic creators.  This year some unlikely guests have popped up on the roster causing pleasant surprises as well as a few unexpected left-field entries.  With the con starting tomorrow we thought we'd give you a list so here's our guide to what you might not expect to see (but will!) at this year's Wizard Convention:

Robert Rodriguez: YES! Robert-fucking-Rodriguez! But you probably already knew that because who would bring the director of Sin City, Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn and Once Upon a Time in Mexico and NOT promote the shit out of it?  Nevertheless this still comes as a surprise despite his connection to the comic world through Sin City.  Catch him signing autographs Saturday (with net proceeds going to the Frank Frazetta Museum) or Friday 7:00 - 8:00pm at the "A Conversation With... Robert Rodriguez" panel in  Room 24.

Darryl "DMC" McDaniels: Yes there's been rappers at Wizard before, MC Chris for one and members of Wu-Tang (they never actually showed but they WERE scheduled) but nothing of the stature of the legendary DMC! The rapper who is one third of Run DMC has been grammy nominated, collaborated with Aerosmith, is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, and has done tons of charity work and can now with his new comic book he can add comic creator to his list of accomplishments!  The Hip Hop icon will be appearing Friday and Saturday.

Dennis Rodman: Yes, THAT guy! The retired basketball star, 5-Time NBA Champion, former Bulls & Spurs member, sometime actor, former Madonna lover, former Carmen Electra husband and current friend to Kim Jong Un is coming to the Chicago Comic Con! You can see one of the greatest rebounders to play basketball on Saturday from 12:00 - 3:30PM.

Among the unlikely you will also find Karate Kid Ralph Macchio, Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne, Napolean Dynamite star Jon Heder, Jason David Frank the motherfuckin Green Ranger and Linda Blair from the Exorcist.  They join the plethora of stars and comic book creators you will find this weekend at the 2013 Wizard World Chicago Comic Convention!

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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

2013 Milwaukee Noise Festival (Negativland/The Haters/The Rita)

This year's Milwaukee Noise Fest is only weeks away and this time it boasts some of the biggest acts they've ever hosted! Famous U2 rivals and experimental vanguard Negativland, legendary Hollywood act The Haters and Canadian harsh noise wall god The Rita headline all three days of the fest that starts on Thursday August 22! The fest also includes local/semi-local noise acts such as Hostage Pageant, Blessed Sacrifist, Reptile Worship, Dan of Earth, Jason Soliday and Peter J Woods along with a slew of other supporting guests from all around the US. The fest is so big this year that it has been moved from its usual stomping grounds in the Borg Ward to The Mirimar Theatre. Tickets are on sale now along with a discounted package if you want to go all 3 days (which you should) and 3 sponsored events have also been added including a screening of the documentary for last years Fest and a showing of GX Jupitter-Larsen (of The Haters) film "A Noisy Delivery" both happening at the Borg Ward around noon on Friday and Saturday respectively.

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Venom: Truth in Journalism [Short Film]

Made by the same producer as the Punisher: Dirty Laundry Short starring Thomas Jane, "Truth in Journalism" (or #TRUTHINJOURNALISM as it is styled in the video) follows a small French film crew as they attempt to document the life and scandal of reporter Eddie Brock.  As most Marvel Zombies already know, Eddie Brock is the alter-ego of psychotic anti-hero and Spider-Man nemesis Venom.  This film concentrates more on drama and the civilian alter-ego of Venom as opposed to the action packed Dirty Laundry film.  It stars Ryan Kwanten and is written & Directed by Joe Lynch. Check out the video and be on the look out for more short films from producer Adi Shankar & Sam Balcomb. 

Learn More About #TruthinJournalism Here:

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Happy Birthday to Chuck D

Happy day of birth to the rhythm, the rebel, the leader of Public Enemy Chuck D!

"There are too many leaders anointed because they have a public voice - television, radio, or record, or whatever. That even includes myself. In the past, I'd say, 'Don't anoint me when you can anoint yourself"