Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Plague Bringer returns with a new track and an upcoming Metro Show

Chicago industrial grind duo Plague Bringer are back with a new track "Wolves" and an upcoming show announcement!  Featuring guitarist/drum programmer Greg Ratajczak and vocalist Josh Rosenthal, Plague Bringer was formed in 2002 after Greg was finished helping engineer Modest Mouse's album "The Moon and Antarctica."  A death/grind band at heart; Plague Bringer stands out from the crowd with their wide range of influences which includes Tool, Godflesh and Ministry (they even released a cover of "Burning Inside" as a single with former Ministry member Chris Connelly.)  Their last CD "Life Songs in a Land of Death" was released in 2008 and I believe their last show was in 2010 at Record Store Day in Reckless Records.  A rough mix of their new track Wolves can be streamed below or on their bandcamp.  Plague Bringer will be playing at the Cold Waves Festival on September 27, 2013 at the METRO in Chicago.

Website: plaguebringer.com/

Cold Waves Site: coldwaves.net/

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