Monday, March 25, 2013

Kleenex Girl Wonder music video "NUBS" directed by Greg & Fake

Chicago-based indie rock band Kleenex Girl Wonder has released the video for their song "NUBS" and it just so happened to be created/directed/animated by Idol Threat favorite artists Greg & Fake!  See all your favorite characters from their mini comics and original paintings come to life interspersed with clips from various cult and sci-fi flicks! (although there isn't any cameos from The Get Money Poindexters! #justsayin.) The video turned out great, I can see them making a Fritz the Cat-esque movie, somebody get on that stat!  It's nice to know that we can still get our Greg & Fake fix even though they've relocated to Mexico.  Enjoy.

Greg & Fake Site:

Kleenex Girl Wonder Site:

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