Thursday, February 28, 2013

Raekwon - Unexpected Victory [Free Mixtape]

If you need an introduction to Raekwon then you're on the wrong site.  The Chef has had his share of so-so albums following his classic album "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx," but since the release of the sequel to that seminal album he's become one of the more prolific and consistent members of the infamous Wu-Tang Clan.  Rae begins the year with a free mixtape for his fans with the aptly titled "Unexpected Victory."  This 17-track banger includes contributions from JD Era, 9th Wonder, Scram Jones, Mobb Deep, Busta Rhymes, Vado, Styles P, CNN, Statik Selektah and more for a total of 21 different artists and 15 producers!  You can download it for free at the datpiff link below. Bong Bong.

Download Here: Raekwon - Unexpected Victory [Mixtape]

Friday, February 22, 2013

Jacob Bannon documentary ‘Rungs on a Ladder’

First Noisey puts out the excellent mini-documentary trilogy One Man Metal and now this?  I gotta start checking them out more often!  Jacob Bannon is the well known vocalist of legendary metallic hardcore band Converge and is also a great artist who provides the artwork for his group and record label Deathwish Inc.  Check out this mini-documentary of him by Ian McFarland presented by Vice: Noisey. 

Deathwish Inc.: 

Noisey Site:

Busdriver - Arguments With Dreams [Free Download]

Busdriver is a rapper with plenty of lyrical skill and stamina, but his eclectic flows and abstract lyrics still make him more of an acquired taste to some people.  I wasn't a fan of his last full length Beaus$Eros but this latest release is definitely more digestible - so don't let my hesitation stop you from checking him out.  For those that are unfamiliar with this west coast MC think of Kool Keith's eccentric style mixed with Twista's rapid-fire mastery of rhythm and you may get an idea of what Bus sounds like.  Busdriver has always been weird but lately his releases have been getting more and more left field, injecting skittering drums, video game synths, IDM beats and building a sound that is all his own in the process.

The Project Blowed collective member has teamed up with Big Dada and is celebrating with a free EP entitled "Arguments with Dreams." He gets some help on this EP with haunting vocals from Terra Lopez, guest spots from now defunct duo Das Racist and his fellow Hellfyre Club members Open Mic Eagle and Nocando.  Busdriver is a proven underground vet with a vast back catalog of quality albums and this EP is a great introduction to that body of work.  To download your copy of 'Arguments With Dreams EP', just sign up to the Busdriver mailing list on the Big Dada Site below:

Download Here:


Monday, February 18, 2013

Ice Dragon - Discography [Free Download]

We have a ton of free music we're going to be featuring soon and what better way to start than a band's entire discography?  Ice Dragon has been active since 2007 with over 10 releases and each one is solid as fuck.  According to their Bandcamp they describe themselves as "the bonfire in the woods that you and your degenerate friends would try to jump over at the end of the night."  In layman's terms they are a metal trio from Boston with tinges of psychedelic rock mixed in.  

The majority of their albums feature stomping, lo-fi doom metal with buried, cavernous moans akin to the vocals found in Electric Wizard.  The psych influence ranges in intensity with each release peaking mostly on their album "Dream Dragon" which adds flute, organ, theremin, modular synth, harmonica, Mellotron, and hand drums.  They also list Grand Funk Railroad, Townes Van Zandt, Black Sabbath,  Supertramp, Jethro Tull (apparently Aqualung only) among others in their eclectic list of influences.  Everything considered the ingredients add up to an incredible mix of heavy metal, I recommend every release but I am especially partial to "Tome of the Future Ancients."  You can download each release for free but at least donate a few bucks or pick up one of their vinyl or cassettes - especially if you're downloading the entire discography.

Get them here:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bolt Thrower 2013 US Tour 'Return to Chaos'

This is turning out to be a great fucking year for shows!  Influential Death Metal band Bolt Thrower have announced a few tour dates in the US titled “Return to Chaos” which coincide with their upcoming appearances at Maryland Deathfest and Chaos in Tejas. The shows will mostly hit the West Coast besides the aforementioned fests and a show in Chicago at Reggies on June 1st. Support on the tour will be legendary Death Metal bands Benediction for all non-fest shows and Autopsy for the Pomona & Oakland dates!

Bolt Thrower have not played the US since their 2009 Maryland Deathfest dates and have not toured here since 1994 (which itself was cut short) so suffice to say this is a big deal.  Their last album was 2007's "Those Once Loyal" and plans for a followup were scrapped in June 2008 after the band were dissatisfied with the material they had written. In a statement they said that they didn't want to release anything unless they were convinced it was at least as good as their last album, and so plans to record a new LP were "postponed indefinitely."  Tickets go on sale Friday 2/15 at Noon CST for Chicago.

5/23: Maryland Deathfest, MD
5/25: Pomona, CA – The Glass House
5/26: Oakland, SF – Metro Operahouse
5/28: Portland, OR – Star Theater
5/29: Seattle, WA – Neumos
5/31: Chaos In Tejas, TX
6/1: Chicago, IL – Reggies

Akimbo announces 'Live to Crush' their final album

Last spring Seattle noise-rock/metallic hardcore trio Akimbo announced the end of their 14-year career and played their farewell show on August 11th at the Comet Tavern in their hometown. Before their demise the band was working on an album with Jello Biafra's label Alternative Tentacles, and now that LP (titled Live to Crush) will finally see the light of day. 'Live to Crush' arrives digitally April 16, 2013 and on LP April 20.

This final outing features the long-time line up of original members Nat Damm (drums), Jon Weisnewski (bass/vocals) and 2006 addition Aaron Walters (guitar). This is the group's first LP since their 2008 Neurot-released album Jersey Shores.  The release was announced via the band's Facebook with the following message:

"Test pressing for our last album Live To Crush. Sounds HUUUUGE! 500 hand numbered LP's coming out on Alternative Tentacles next month! Download code included."

Palms (Deftones, Isis) Sets Album Date & Debuts Song

Palms, the project featuring Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, Jeff Caxide, Aaron Harris and Bryant Clifford Meyer (former members of defunct post-metal band Isis) will release their self-titled debut on June 25th via Ipecac Records.  They’ve been working on new music during breaks in Moreno’s schedule over the past year, with Harris handling mixing duties and all of the band members serving as producers.  Chino recently released an unmastered version of their track "Tropics" which you can stream below. It actually sounds a lot like a mellow Deftones track which isn't that surprising considering who's involved. Stay tuned to Idol Threat for future updates.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Dez Cadena joins Keith Morris and Chuck Dukowski in FLAG

And the good news (drama?) keeps comin!  Former vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Black Flag Dez Cadena has announced that he too will join Keith Morris and Chuck Dukowski's version of Black Flag aka "FLAG."  See what Keith Morris and co. had to say about how it all got started in their recent Rolling Stone interview (click on the Jump for the full interview.)

"It wasn't premeditated. The situation was that a gentleman named Gary Tovar, who started one of the biggest concert promotion companies here in L.A., Golden Voice, was doing a series of shows at the Santa Monica Civic to celebrate 30 years of Golden Voice [in December 2011]. One night I think was Social Distortion, the next night was Bad Religion and TSOL, and the last night was the Descendents. Gary thought, "I've got room for another band. I need to come up with a big band." So he called Chuck Dukowski, and asked Chuck if he could put together Black Flag...I know that [Dukowski] doesn’t get along very well with Greg Ginn. They worked together for years and they had their falling out, for whatever reasons. But Chuck saw that Billy Stevenson was already going to be there playing with the Descendents, because they were headlining, and he knew Stephen Egerton, who is also a member of Descendents. So he asked Billy to ask Stephen if Stephen would stand up there and play some Black Flag songs. Chuck called up and asked me if I wanted to do it, and we ended up playing the Nervous Breakdown EP. The response was insane. The place just went bananas. It was pretty wild. It was very exciting. That put all this machinery into motion. We decided that we wanted to continue doing it. So we talked about just doing this for fun, and offers started to appear."

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Happy Birthday J Dilla & Alejandro Jodorowsky, RIP Donald Byrd & Big Punisher

It's a week of life and death as we celebrate Alejandro Jodorowsky and the late J Dilla's birthday today and mourn the passing of Donald Byrd and the anniversary of Big Punisher's death.  J Dilla was one of the greatest Hip Hop producers to ever touch a drum machine and he shares his birthday with director Alejandro Jodorowsky, who was responsible for the cult favorites El Topo and The Holy Mountain. Unfortunately today also marks the 13th year after the death of Puerto Rican rapper Big Pun.  The biggest news of all however is the sad passing of legendary Jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd.  According to Amoeba Records Byrd passed away on Monday due to causes not yet revealed. He was 80 years old. RIP.

Download House Shoes' Dilla Tribute Mix: J-Dilla Tribute performed at Raise It Up 2/7/11

Download Mister Cee's Big Pun Mix: Mister Cee’s Big Pun Tribute Mix

Saturday, February 02, 2013

DJ Shadow: All Bases Covered Mix [Free Download]

"I don't care if I get kicked out of every rich kid club on the planet. I will never sacrifice my integrity as a DJ...ever" 

Back in December the Miami club Mansion caused some controversy by cutting short DJ Shadow's set because it was "too future," which basically meant it wasn't commercial enough.  I honestly don't know what idiot promoter books an act he's never heard of or even researches but if he was expecting the legendary experimental Hip Hop producer to just play a bunch of standard Top 40 hits he would have been better off hiring an iPod DJ or button pusher.  A smart person would want to know what he's paying for instead of blindly cashing in on someone's reputation.  It's not that much of a surprise however in this day and age of auto-sync and pretend celebrity djs, it's sad because back in the day deejays received enough unwarranted criticism for basically being "jukeboxes" from live musicians without this new crop of talent-less hacks proving their point.  Regardless it was their loss because his set is amazing! You can see for yourself since Shadow has now uploaded the mix for download at the link below, here's what his Soundcloud had to say about the infamous set:

"Beginning in the Summer of 2012 with his Low End Theory guest spots, DJ Shadow's "All Basses Covered" set has morphed and evolved to incorporate as many different contemporary genres of urban and electronic music as possible. From hardcore rap to footwork and juke and beyond, Shadow has combed the web to curate seamless and dexterous blends of the most progressive sounds bubbling up from the underground. 'Too hard?' 'Too future?' Or just too raw? As always, DJ Shadow has provoked crucial flashpoints of discussion about the discipline of DJ'ing that have defined our turbulent times." Team

This is what "Warning Shots at the Mainstream" is all about.

Download/Stream Here: All Bases Covered