Thursday, August 02, 2012

Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth joins Black Metal Group Twilight, signs to Century Media

Twilight (no not that) is a black metal supergroup led by Blake Judd of Nachtmystium. The band includes Stavros Giannopoulos of Atlas Moth, Jef Whitehead (Wrest/Leviathan,) Imperial, Chicago producer Sanford Parker and Aaron Turner of Isis.  At one point the band even included Xasthur among it's members.  They've had a star-studded cast to say the least but it's about to get even more star power. Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth has just been announced as their newest member.  His recent divorce from wife/bandmate Kim Gordon has seem to given him time to explore things he couldn't while in Sonic Youth, such as his longtime love of black metal.  In an interview for Blake Judd talks about how their connection with Thurston came about and their recent signing to Century Media:

"We knew Sonic Youth already through their soundman, Jeremy Lemos. He has a band called White/Light and that's how they know him. They toured together. He's also has worked with Rob Lowe from Lichens a lot, so that's how we know these guys. The Sonic Youth folks, whenever they were in town, would always be over at the studio, so I met them on a number of occasions recording over there and Thurston really likes our music and, uh, loves Black Metal. And now that Sonic Youth's broken up, and he's essentially divorced, he's got plenty of time."

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