Saturday, July 28, 2012

How KEO Helped to Create MF DOOM [Frank151 Chapter 48 Video] + Keys to the Kuffs Pre-Order

This video gives some AMAZING insight on the origins of MF DOOM and some history behind KMD and the rebirth of Mr. Metal Fingers.  Blake "Keo" Lethem was a graffiti artist who met DOOM in his early years and helped him with art and the design/creation of his ubiquitous mask.  This video is part of a promotion for Frank151's latest book which just happens to be all about MF.  According to, "The Villain oversaw the 150+ page issue as guest curator, and one of the highlights is the series of astounding art interpreting Doom’s lyrics done by various top-notch illustrators." You can order the book from Frank151 direct or get it free from Stonesthrow with a purchase of his upcoming album Keys to the Kuffs. As a special treat you can check the jump to hear the first single off of the album DOOM made while "in exile" in London.

Purchase Here: Frank151 Chapter 48 - DOOM 

Get it free with Keys to the Kuffs Pre-Order: Stonesthrow - Keys to the Kuffs

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