Thursday, September 01, 2011

Confirmed: Lil' Wayne wore Women's Leopard-print Jeggings to MTV VMAs

Yup, Lil' Wayne wore women's leopard-print jeggings for his performance at this year's MTV "Video Music Awards" (is that title really accurate anymore?) It was confirmed by Tripp, the clothing company that sells them (and is now carried by Karmaloop. That was quick.) This man made a big mistake dissing Jay-Z and comin out in these, didn't someone make fun of Hov for wearing sandals? I still say the Jack White X ICP collabo is worse, but this is definitely worse than when Kanye West wore a woman's shirt:

That actually looks alot like a Filipino Barong. I can't lie, I would rock that if it was hot and I was on a beach or a boat. There's no way I'm showing that much chest if I'm not near a body of water.

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