Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cheap Merzbow Downloads

The one good thing about listening to music with longer song structures is that buying the tracks individually can be way cheaper than the normal $9.99 price for album downloads. Sometimes you might even get away with buying a one-track album for only $0.99. Awhile back I was going to do a couple of posts about cheap MP3 downloads on, and I may still make those posts in the future, but I came across something today that I just had to share.

I found some albums from Japanese Noise guru Merzbow going for under $5, but there's two albums in particular that are going for only $0.99. You can get his 2005 ambient/drone collaboration with Boris Sun Baked Snow Cave or the 2010 40 minute album Live At Henie Onstad Art Centre. Sites like Amazon and iTunes are slowly catching up to this supposed glitch so act now so you can reap the benefits before they're gone:

Cheat the System here!: Merzbow at

Check out more Merzbow here:

Friday, January 28, 2011

Chicago's Bloodiest Signs to Relapse

Watch out, they're coming...

"Relapse Records
has announced the signing of BLOODIEST, the Chicago, Illinois-based seven-piece ensemble that creates a stunning collection of metal-meets-psychedelia-via-early-AmRep epics. The band recently completed work on its debut album, "Descent", at Electrical Audio and Semaphore studios in Chicago with noted engineer Sanford Parker for an early spring release.

BLOODIEST was recently visited by Giant System Chicago, a local video project that videotapes bands in their practice spaces to capture the live and creative energy of a group."

Check them here: Bloodiest Facebook Page.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

DC Comics Lowers Prices of Regular Issues to $2.99 Starting This Month

So DC Comics has just rolled out their "Drawing the Line" campaign and lowered all their $3.99 priced normal 32 Page comics down to $2.99. Marvel, who spearheaded the $3.99 pricing and bore the brunt of it's criticism, has also made a similar announcement following the one made by DC. Apparently they have only promised to not have any NEW comics come out with the $3.99 price tag. So of the two DC is the only company to promise a price drop all across the board. With no real reason for the price hike (and no it wasn't "inflation") one wonders why it was even there to begin with.

When the $3.99 comics first started coming out I personally cut the amount of comics I picked up by half, which sadly hurt my comic store more than anything, but I refused to pay $4 for a damn comic book. I think I'll be picking up more books again but it'll definitely be more DC titles than Marvel. The announcement was made in October but the lower prices just started coming into effect this month. Check the press release and links after the jump, including a link to an open letter to Marvel about the $3.99 price raise written by the owner of Chicago's Brainstorm Comics:

Pipomixes - Mercury Kush [Free Mix]

Ok this is a pretty big mindfuck. I was forwarded this by DJSP and once I listened to it I understood why. What we have here is a 27 minute mix that combines elements of Dr. Dre's The Chronic, Public Enemy's It Takes a Nation of Millions..., A Tribe Called Quest's album Low End Theory and Dilla's Donuts. Mixed together. All at once. Happy fucking New Year. This takes me waaaay back to the days where deejays had short 1-5 minute extremely edited intros to their live mixes where a bunch of songs where mashed up and/or blended together in insanely short and fast cuts. These things were extremely difficult to make back then and now we have a half an hour version of those intros. Sometimes technology is fucking awesome. You can listen to and download the mix at the link below after the jump, here's the description from Pipomixes' site (where you can also find links to download various other mixes - for promotional use only of course):

"The Kush series is back in full effect! In fact, I've got two other mixes in the pipeline that will also be additions to the Kush series. The concept behind this mix dates back a few years to when I was reading Brian Coleman's
Check the Technique book. In the linear notes of all our favorite classic hip hop albums, I remember being surprised to read how Dr. Dre's production on Straight Outta Compton heavily influenced Q-Tip's production on Low End Theory. In turn, Dre also explained that hearing Low End Theory forced him to one-up Q-Tip's production on The Chronic. A few years later, I also remember reading an article in Wax Poetics about how heavily influenced Dr. Dre was by the production of The Bomb Squad, and vice versa...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf Signs to Eminem's Shady Records/Interscope

I originally wasn't going to post anything until I put up my Top 10 Albums of 2010 post (coming soon I promise) but I wanted to share some exciting news; Slaughterhouse has officially been signed to Eminem's Shady Records. If you recall I posted rumors of this awhile ago last year so this proves I'm not crazy, just early (wink - spelled it out because I refuse to use emoticons in this blog.) To add to this bold move Eminem has also signed up and coming Alabama artist Yela Wolf as well. Here's the press release from HipHopDX:

"After months of speculation, Interscope Records revealed today that Eminem has signed Hip Hop quartet Slaughterhouse to Shady/Interscope. The formal announcement and full report will be made in the March issue of XXL magazine, a cover-story for the publication. Also revealed is that Eminem has also signed Gasden, Alabama DXnext alum Yelawolf, who will join the five others on the March XXL cover."

Read the rest here:

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Idol Threat's Top 10 Posts of 2010 [FREE]

(Click the "Jump" below to go straight to the list.)

So I decided that I'd do a solid for all you lazy bastards and cheapskates out there and list my Top Posts of 2010. This way if you don't want to go through the trouble of looking through all my posts or if you're new to my blog than you can get this great overview of what's offered here. And if you're already a frequent visitor (thank you) then you at least get to see what I consider my Top 10 posts and maybe download something you might have missed and share this list with others. (The title for each list item is a clickable link that brings you to the original post where you can download the release for FREE.)

My rules for choosing what to pick for the list was that the post would have to be a free download (essentially making this a list of the Best Free Albums of the Year) and the download would have to more or less be from 2010. I also tried to get a good cross-section of genres so that you weren't all just seeing a bunch of Hip Hop posts or Jazz posts or something (the latter of which was severely lacking this past year which will hopefully change in 2011.) So there might be some favorites I left out because they were originally released before 2010 or so I could make room for other genres so feel free to chime in down at the comments section with your personal favorite posts. For now you'll have to settle for mine after the jump: