Friday, October 29, 2010

Techno Viking (Kneecam No. 1) Video

I guess Metal no longer has the monopoly on Viking fans (I'm talking about the Norse ones, not the football ones.) I know this is old as fuck but the original has been blocked and this was just recently re-uped. Plus this is ridiculously fucking funny! This is during "Fuckparade 2000" which is a Techno street parade in Berlin. I don't even know if the guy knew he was being filmed but this shit is straight out of a movie! It starts slow but keep watching until around 1:28, it's worth the wait! Fuck donkey! Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Stuyvesants - Brooklyn's Finest [Free]

"Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant, the livest one..." who knew that a 17th century Colonial Dutchman would get so much love from Hip Hop? Now the Brooklyn neighborhood isn't his only namesake, a producer duo has recently formed under said name for this debut album of instrumentals aptly named "Brooklyn's Finest." Producer Algorythm and designer/record-collector Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt) got together to form this design and music collaboration team to put out shirts, produce graphics and create this 25 track project inspired by the sights and sounds of the 60s and 70s. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to the whole thing yet but what I have heard has been dope. There's some nice mellow tracks here for you to vibe and relax to, and if you like what you hear I'm sure you can hit these guys up for some beats or even some design work. Either way this is a nice collection of tracks that are more than just a simple beat cd. Check the links below and enjoy.

Download Here: The Stuyvesants - Brooklyn's Finest

The Stuyvesants Website:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mirrors Of Obsidian - Imminent Chaos Complete [Free Download]

It's about time I put up some free Death Metal on here! I was going to post a few videos and a short review of the D-Styles show last night but the sound in the videos I took turned out to be complete shit so I figured there was no point. D-Styles was sick though, very technical and creative. He even used "South of Heaven" to scratch with. Fucking Slayer! Anyways on to the task at hand...

Mirrors of Obsidian comes to us all the way from Dublin, Ireland. Originally Ciaran Ennis did vocals & Eoin Ennis played all the instruments but they've recently reached out for more musicians to complete their band. Mirrors play excellent prog-influenced Death Metal that reminds me a little of Gorod or Meshuggah. The screaming vocals sound especially Jens Kidman-esque and is coupled with some very clean, traditionally sung heavy metal vocals (which makes sense since the two original members were formerly in the Folk Metal band Celtic Legacy.) They even occasionally throw in some Cynic-like robot vocals as well. To get a further idea of their overall sound Mirrors also list Death, Fear Factory, Godflesh, Gojira and Emperor as some of their influences.

Despite the clean vocal parts I quite like this album, I'm a huge fan of prog/death combos, odd time signatures and technical almost cyclical riffing so if you are too I suggest you click the link to this HOARD. That's 'extra super hard' for all you laymen. You can download their entire debut album for free or if you'd like to make a small donation you can paypal whatever amount you feel fair to:

Mirrors of Obsidian is also looking for a bassist, so if you're in the Dublin area email them for information and inquiries:

Download Here for Free:

Mirrors of Obsidian Website:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rob Swift - Sketches Of The Architect [Free Scion EP]

Damn Damn Damn I got a one-track mind tonight, at least you readers get to benefit from it! More sscrrraatch madness for FREE courtesy of Rob Swift and (yet again) SCION. As if the free
Scion/Adult Swim Metal Sampler wasn't impressive enough, they're now giving away a free EP as a follow up to Rob Swift's album “The Architect” which was released earlier this year. Rob Swift is a member of the East Coast/Beat Juggling counterparts to the Invisbl Skratch Piklz, The X-ecutioners. The legendary turntablist crew was formerly known as the X-Men, but changed their name for obvious reasons (and the current Disney-owned Marvel Comics would have tore them a new one if they kept that name.) Thankfully The X-ecutioners (especially Rob Swift) have strayed away from being so juggle-centric and have embraced the scratching side of turntablism more over the last decade. This EP continues the classical influence heard on "The Architect" and the first track even has a narrated explanation of this and very short Rob Swift history lesson. Give it a shot and buy The Architect if you like this (ignore the random dance music that loads up on the page where you download the EP) RIP Roc Raida:

Download the Album for FREE here:
Rob Swift - Sketches Of The Architect

Buy the MP3 album of The Architect for only $8.99:
The Architect at

Dj T-Kut - Super Disco Scratch [Free Break Record]

So in honor of the D-Styles show tomorrow at Darkroom I decided that I'd get some scratching done during my day off. Plenty of natural light comes into my dj room and it will
(hopefully) be sunny tomorrow and the landlord will (hopefully) be at work so I should (hopefully) have nothing stopping me from gettin a little scratch session in during the day. Haven't scratched in a minute so I might be a little rusty. Also in honor of the D-Styles show I have a free digital scratch record from DJ T-Kut who comes to us all the way from Madrid. It's basically a bunch of synth/bass heavy, half/double-time raw breaks with minimal samples and some mean ass drums to help you get your scratch on or just vibe to some instrumental Hip Hop beats. Nothing really super slow or electro-fast on here, just a bunch of mid-tempo beats (my favorite) to work out to. There's also a few samples for scratching as well. I suppose you can also use these as beats for your raps or samples for your beats but that's a little corny isn't it? Enjoy as is or virtually load into two Serato records for some beat-jugglin. I will be furiously scratching to the first beat:

Download here:

DJ T-Kut Myspace:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

D-Styles @Darkroom, Chicago Fri Oct 22

Another short notice show but this one is definitely worth changing plans for if you have them, and it won't get cancelled like the last one. D-Styles is a dj from the legendary turntablist crews The Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Beatjunkies and Ned Hoddings. He is also a resident dj for the famous LA-based club "Low End Theory." Many scratchers (me included) count him as a major influence, even fellow/former ISP member DJ Qbert whom many consider the best scratch dj in the world. If you've never seen or heard anything like this before then this is the perfect introduction to the world of turntablism. Manipulating records through scratching and beat juggling is an acquired taste that is quite rewarding once you understand it. I liken it to enjoying improvised jazz or guitar nerds geeking out over solos, but there's also alot to be enjoyed if you just like good music and deejaying. You won't see anyone mix records together quite like D-Styles, and he'll probably bless us with some live tracks from his all-scratch album "Phantazmagorea" (most likely with the help of a looper of some sort.) That album is a masterpiece and quite possibly the magnum opus for turntablist albums. It may not be as aggressive as the better known turntablist masterpiece by Qbert "Wavetwisters," and it might not have an entire animated Hip Hop epic to go along with it, but it's definitely darker and is actually ENTIRELY made with scratching unlike Wavetwisters. You can also check the Low End Theory podcast download link below for a taste of what you might be able to expect (thanks to Vishal for the heads up on the mix.)

D-Styles will be brought to us by The Goodness, a monthly showcase put together by DJ Rude One who always manages to bring some great artists to the Darkroom. Rude One will also be doing a set this night along with Dario Ecks and my homie Norm Rockwell of local Hip Hop group 'The Pacifics.' Rumor has it that underground scratch legend 'Toadstyles' may be in the house as well (that's right, I put you on blast Adam!) If you're a fan of the art of deejaying you definitely do NOT want to miss this! Free entry before 10pm, or $10 for guys and $5 for girls after.

Download the FREE mix here: RIGHT CLICK to save the D-styles/Asura podcast

Buy Phantazmogorea for only $6.99!: Phantazmogorea at

2210 W Chicago Ave (at Leavitt St)
Ukrainian Village/West Town, Chicago

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hunters (Chicago) - 2010 Demo [FREE]

Early Mastodon, High on Fire, Corrosion of Conformity, Nola, Kumas Burgers, these are the things that comes to mind when listening to the debut demo from Hunters (I can't believe that name hasn't been taken yet.) This Chicago band plays a burly, thrashy, southern fried stoner blend of sludge that's as infectious as it is mean, and if you like any of the aforementioned bands then you'll thoroughly enjoy this 14 minute demo. The band started off as a trio in 2008 before losing member Ryan Kasparian (formerly of Plague Bringer) for awhile, then gained him back earlier this year along with 2 new members. The quintet is currently in the studio with The Atlas Moth's Andrew Ragin recording their untitled full length. They'll be playing Ronny's in Logan Square this Saturday the 22nd and at the Empty Bottle November 9th. Check out the link below to download the demo. Slayer:

Download the Free Demo Here: Hunters (Chicago) 2010 Demo

Hunters Website:

Chris Angelucci - Vocals
Luke Tobias - Guitar
Ryan Kasparian - Guitar
Jeremy Pyrzynski - Bass
Brian Kutanovski - Drums

Monday, October 18, 2010

Slayer/Megadeth/Anthrax Show Review @The Rave, Milwaukee Sat Oct 16

I'm usually way too tired after every show or forget too much details to be able to write a full review and this weekend's leg of the American Carnage Tour in Milwaukee was no exception. A few details do stick out so I can give you a partial review. Until the show I didn't realize that bassist Dave Ellefson was back in Megadeth. That news is way too big to have passed me by for this long and made my 2nd time seeing Megadeth this year my favorite (esp since I was able to hear "Rust in Peace" in it's entirety.) Hearing him play the opening lick to "Peace Sells" was worth the price of admission!

I also didn't realize that Jim Florentine from VH1's 'That Metal Show' would be there hosting. His banter was a welcome distraction in-between sets. The Rave/Eagle Ballroom was the most packed I've ever seen it and I honestly don't think I've ever been to a bigger indoor show. There must have been 5000 people there easily! It was also the first time I ever saw religious 'protesters' at a show. At least they were quieter than their signs which was the loudest sight of the night until the Slayer van rolled through:

I was also late and only able to catch about the last 3 songs of Anthrax's set but they absolutely blew me away! I don't think I've heard another band sound so good live, Joey Belladonna was phenomenal! The man must have spent all these years taking vocal lessons every fucking day because he sounds better than ever and it's been awhile since I've heard a voice like his in a metal band. It's fitting that he gave homage to Ronnie James Dio between songs because that's exactly who he reminded me of when I was listening to Anthrax's recently returned lead singer. I'm pissed that I was unable to hear "Only" or "N.F.L." Holy shit you need to catch Anthrax live if you can, I hope they do their own headlining tour soon. Oh yeah btw, Scott Ian announced that there would be a new Anthrax album next year. SLAYER. Check the link to a full review highlighting Anthrax's set. Oh yeah, FUCKING SLAYER!

Read a full review here: Anthrax Steal the show in Milwaukee

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ehnahre at Ball Hall, Chicago Wed Oct 20th *Update: US Tour Cancelled

I know this is short notice for a show but the band just recently solidified the venue for the Chicago date for their tour. You're probably wondering "who waits to book a venue 5 days before the show?" but after helping them get their Dekalb date and failing to get them an Empty Bottle date I can assure you that it took a long time and alot of hard work to even be able to get this last minute spot. The Chicago market is pretty competitive for metal acts, I guess that's the one good thing about Hip Hop shows having 15 acts for each show - it makes it pretty easy to book. But once again I digress...

Ehnahre (pronounced 'N-R') is a self-proclaimed "Satan Jazz" band from Boston which at one point included all former members of avant-metallers 'Kayo Dot.' The band now only includes 2 former members of Kayo Dot and is pared down to a trio and various studio contributors. While Kayo Dot has moved away from the metal influences more with every release Ehnahre has managed to experiment with their sound without straying too far from metal. They mainly combine free jazz and death metal with emphasis on the atonality of both but they also touch all points of the extreme metal spectrum as well.

These guys gets Idol Threat's highest recommendation, I didn't discover their 2008 album 'The Man Closing Up' until early last year but it fast became a favorite of mine. It had guitars, trumpets, noise, a violin and some of the best throat-ripping growls I've ever heard. Their new album "Taming the Cannibals" will be available direct from Crucial Blast in early October. The album will be available in stores and online on cd and digital download on November 9th, 2010. If you're free and in Chicago this Wednesday October 20th be sure to check them out at "The Ball Hall" 1621 N Kedzie Ave. And check out the Dekalb date at The House if you're in the area too. All the tour dates are listed below after the free download link for "
The Clatterbones" off of their upcoming album. Enjoy.

*UPDATE: Unfortunately the rest of Ehnahre's US Tour is cancelled due to funds. Here's their official statement:

"Ehnahre is the bearer of bad news. We are extremely disappointed to say we have to cut our tour short- because touring the US is a fucking devastating financial holocaust. We have lost so much money, we cannot afford to go on, unless we pawn our gear or start mugging peope. The only way we can assure that we have enough gas money to get is, regretfully, pack it up and leave now.

But much thanks to the people who helped along the way, and especially to Wolvserpent, for being so cool, and enduring our drunken insanity. They're still going for another week or so, check them out if you have the chance. And tell Blake to crush a brew. Our deepest apologies to anyone who planned to be in attendance in St Louis, Chicago, Dekalb, or Pittsburgh."

Download the free MP3 of The Clatterbones: (Right Click to Save)

Check out this interview at Ryan McGuire of Ehnahre interview

Oct 17 2010 7:00P Downtown Music Little Rock, AR
Oct 19 2010 8:00P Lemp Arts St. Louis, MO
Oct 20 2010 7:00P Ball Hall Chicago, IL
Oct 21 2010 9:00P The House Cafe DeKalb, IL
Oct 22 2010 8:00P Caid Detroit, MI
Oct 23 2010 8:30P Garfield Artworks Pittsburgh, PA

Rhymesayers Artist/Freestyle Champion Eyedea dead at 28

Wow. This is unexpected. There's been too many deaths this year already and unfortunately we have one more. 2000 Blaze Battle winner and 1999 Scribble Jam Freestyle Champion Eyedea has passed this weekend in his sleep. No other details have emerged beyond a Facebook confirmation from the MC's mother
, but the Hip Hop world has lost a tremendous freestyle talent. Here is an excerpt from a St. Paul article about his passing followed by a video that displays Eyedea's vast freestyle ability. RIP homie.

"...His mother, Kathy Averill, said she did not know the cause of death and is awaiting autopsy results. She found him on Saturday and believes he died in his sleep. "He was doing great and had a lot of things going on in his life," she said.

Larsen made a name for himself while in his teens, competing at battle-rap competitions around the country, including Ohio's Scribble Jam, where he took top honors in 1999. He and his childhood friend, Max Keltgen (aka DJ Abilities), also joined Minneapolis' top-name hip-hop act Atmosphere in the late-'90s as its backup rapper and turntablist, respectively. They went on to record three albums as Eyedea & Abilities for Atmosphere's homegrown label, Rhymesayers Entertainment, including last year's "By the Throat."

Read the full article here:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Black Rob Inks Deal with Duck Down Music

Black Rob is the newest member of Duck Down Records. I can honestly say that I did NOT see this coming! Besides his hit single "Whoa" and his stint in jail I haven't heard much from Black Rob in a minute, I guess he got tired of waiting for Puff Diddy P Dad or whatever. Check the press release:

"...The former Bad Boy, Harlem rapper is poised to release his first studio album in over five years. This past May, Black Rob was released from prison after serving four years for failing to show up to a previous sentence hearing for a grand larceny charge. Over the past seven months Black Rob has returned to the studio where he's always felt most comfortable.

Black Rob explains the LP is a "testimony of what I stand for and how I feel. The people have been asking for true hip hop music, and that's what I'm giving them. I stayed away from features. I've been away for 4 joints, so I feel the people deserve to hear me. When I came home, I went right to work, and didn't have time to reach out to cats. On my next project you will get that. As for producers, I have some up-and-coming cats on there. I believe in giving cats a chance. As far as named producers you may hear a joint or two from Buckwild, Self Service, Bishop, Scram Jones and Pete Rock."

On his decision to work with Duck Down Music, Black Rob reveals that he "always respected their movement and also been a fan of their music. If I'm going independent why not go with a team I respect, and they have always had a true family setting & environment."

During the course of his career, Black Rob has recorded several successful projects. In 2000, he released 'Life Story,' which has sold over 1 million units & featured the well-known single, "WHOA!" Five years later, he returned with 'The Black Rob Report,' which surpassed sales of 100,000 units. Again, five years later, Black Rob is readying a new album entitled 'Game Tested & Street Approved.'

Fans in New York City will get to see Black Rob perform at the Duck Down VS Blacksmith CMJ Showcase on October 19th at Le Poisson Rouge located on 158 Bleeker St (between Thompson and Sullivan) at 10PM. 18+ event.

Tickets are only $20. The first CMJ Badge holders to arrive will receive free access (limited-number)."

Get Tickets Here: Le Poisson Rouge

His new album, 'Game Tested & Street Approved' is set to be released in 2011

Artpentry's "Gentleman's Boomboxes" Ripped Off by Copycat Artist?

Wow. I've just recently found out that there's an "artist" out there ripping off Artpentry's original creations "The Gentleman's Booombox." I'm not going to even dignify the plagiarist by posting any links, just remember whenever you see it that ya'll know where the TRUE ones are from. Made in Chicago bitch, don't believe the hype.

Buy REAL ART Here:

I Appreciate Those That Re-Post my Reviews & Writings...

...but if you're going to do so at least acknowlege where it came from - I try my best to do the same. I've seen a bunch of my reviews posted on various blogs without credit and I know we're not all actual "writers" but it's nice to pretend we are and cite our sources. I appreciate the love though! Keep it coming! More free shit coming soon!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gridlink - Orphans [Video Teasers]

Gridlink is the band that vocalist Jon Chang started after the dissolution of his legendary grindcore band "Discordance Axis." I was lucky enough to see Gridlink at Maryland Deathfest this year where his band performed their upcoming album "Orphan" in it's entirety, and it blew me away. Their Facebook page mentions that Orphan will drop on vinyl in early 2011 with side A being Orphan and side B being their debut album "Amber Gray" remixed to include Ted Patterson on bass. I can't find any further news on it at all but I was able to find two short teaser videos. Be on the lookout for this release, if you blink you may miss it;

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Envy - Free Sampler/Show Review

Envy is a band from Tokyo Japan that play a combination of post hardcore and post rock. They've always managed to balance the two genres and no other band blends screaming and spoken word over post rock so well. I mentioned in the last post that I just saw these guys a couple of hours ago and words seem to fail me at this point when trying to convey how visceral, genuine and powerful their performance was (trust me those words FAIL.) It was my first time seeing Envy and they were AMAZING. They're now one of those bands that I HAVE to see whenever they're in town, they gave the type of performance and experience you wish you could keep with you forever in full detail. Temporary Residence Limited puts out their releases here in the states and they also offer a free song to sample from every one of their releases. Once again I've compiled them all into one convenient sampler for you to download after the video of "Worn heels and the hands we hold" from their new album "Recitation" which is out now. Be sure to catch them on tour at one of their remaining US dates which also includes Trash Talk as an opening band;

Download the Sampler Here: Envy - Sampler

Envy Myspace:

Pick up Envy releases here: Temporary Residence Limited

Remaining Tour Dates:
Oct 9 2010 - Triple Rock Minneapolis, MN
Oct 10 2010 - Jackpot Music Hall Lawrence, KS
Oct 12 2010 - Bluebird Theater Denver, CO
Oct 13 2010 - The Basement Ogden, UT
Oct 15 2010 - El Corazon Seattle, WA
Oct 16 2010 - Hawthorne Theater Portland, OR
Oct 18 2010 - Cafe Du Nord San Francisco, CA
Oct 19 2010 - Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA
Oct 20 2010 - Troubadour West Hollywood, CA
Oct 22 2010 - The Casbah San Diego, CA
Oct 23 2010 - The Underground Mesa, AZ
Oct 25 2010 - Rubber Gloves Denton, TX
Oct 26 2010 - Emo's Alternative Lounging (Indoor) Austin, TX

Trash Talk - Free Sampler

I should really be sleeping right now but fuck it, I figured I'd make these quick couple of posts. I just saw these guys open up for Envy tonight at Reggie's Rock Club. I had heard nothing from Trash Talk prior to the show, I've only heard "of" them, and they managed to surprise me with their energetic performance. Apparently they're pretty big in the underground circles right now and the Sacramento, California Quartet has been popping up on tours with Gallows & Fucked up, in a FuelTV appearance, on the cover of Fader magazine and they've even recorded with Chicago's own Steve Albini. They're a little bit of sludge, a little bit of thrash, a little bit of grindcore but they're also 100% hardcore. For your convenience I've put together a sampler of the 4 songs they have for free download on their website, you can find the link after a video from their 2009 Knitting Factory performance. Their newest album "Eyes & Nines" is out now but I recommend picking up "Shames" which compiles their self-titled album and three 7 inch releases.

Download Sampler Here: Trash Talk Sampler

Trash Talk Website:

Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Kid Daytona - Come Fly With Me [Free Download]

This is a little old but it's a solid release and I've been anticipating his upcoming LP "Interlude" after seeing a video of him and 9th Wonder working on a track. The concept for their track is interesting, it seems like 9th wanted to make this track with all his favorite producer's interludes in mind and somehow incorporating them into the beat. Or at least that's how I took it, I had a concept once of making an entire mixtape with beats all looped from people's interlude beats (all the ones Madlib did alone in the past couple of years could make an album's worth of material.) But I digress...

I've heard Kid Daytona on a couple of mixtapes and guest appearances here and there and he never really stuck out to me. He had a unique voice but he seemed more like someone best suited to be in a group paired with another contrasting, more lyrical MC instead of being in the spotlight himself. That opinion changed when I heard this mixtape, particularly the track he did with Bun B and produced by 6th Sense called "Air Born." The steel drum sampled, drunkenly slow beast of a track was perfect for Bun B and showcased Kid Daytona's flow nicely. He's improved alot since his "A Tribe Called Fresh" and
"Daytona 500" mixtapes and you can definitely hear his growth in this release and the tracks he's been releasing of late. If he continues at this rate Interlude may become his magnum opus. Download "Come Fly With Me" below and check the video for "Air Born."

Download Here: The Kid Daytona - Come Fly With Me

The Kid Daytona Myspace:

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ted Leo to play Maryland Deathfest IX 2011

No that title is not a mis-print. Ted Leo of indie-rock band "Ted Leo and the Pharmacists" will be playing at "America's biggest metal party of the year." Luckily it won't actually be Ted Leo and the Pharmacists playing, instead it will be Ted's old NY hardcore/powerviolence band "Citizens Arrest" who will be reuniting and playing MDF and a couple of NY dates. The band was active from 1989-1991 and also includes Daryl Kahan of Born Against/Funebrarum/Disma fame. It seems that MDF has been branching out more towards the hardcore and powerviolence genres lately. I went to this years fest and my resulting foot pain and empty wallet forced me to choose to not go again next year, but MDF keeps hitting me with these fucking announcements. Citizens Arrest will also play at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Friday December 17th. Thanks to
Deadboy for the heads up.

Maryland Deathfest Site:

Citizens Arrest Myspace:

Monday, October 04, 2010

Captain America Movie Images Leaked

So I'm a little late on this but here's some leaked photos from the upcoming Marvel comic movie adaptation of Captain America. The pictures are of a stunt double on a motorcylce in a Captain America costume (supposedly there's multiple costumes for the movie. Yay for merchandising!) I have more confidence in the Thor movie than I do this one, especially since they're using Chris Evans to play Cap even though he's already been in the Marvel movie universe as the Human Torch. The costume looks promising at least, I'm hoping for an appearance of the Ultimates version of the WWII costume (*Editors note: actually upon closer inspection it looks like those ARE pics of the WWII costume.) I've included official mockups of the the full costume along with another leaked movie photo after the jump below. Captain America: The First Avenger comes out July 22, 2011.