Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Arnold" Loves the New Predators Trailer

Am I the only one excited for the new Predators movie? Robert Rodriguez? A Yakuza? Morpheus? Eric Foreman? Machete? That guy from the piano movie? Fuck yes.

Florida Doom Bands Venn Diagram

So last week or two weeks ago or whatever (my sense of time is fucked right now) I saw Floor play during their reunion tour at the Empty Bottle. The tour was also in support of their lavish Robotic Empire Boxset. Floor was great but not as loud or rumbling as I expected, I remember Torche being way louder and thundering all the times I saw them (Torche was the band spawned from the ashes of Floor.) That was probably due to the fact that Torche had all their gear recently stolen the last time they were in Chicago. Bogus. Anyways, I'm getting side-tracked from the point of this post.

My friend who was at the show with me asked if there was a band called Dove or if he was confusing it with the “Dove” record released by Floor. I told him that there was a band called Dove that had former members of Floor in it. That got me thinking about all the Doom bands from Florida who shared members, but I quickly gave up trying to organize it all in my puny brain. I forgot about it until I ran across this Venn Diagram on the Crustcake blog today. I can now sleep soundly.

Cavity Myspace:

Floor Myspace:

Torche Myspace:

Dove Myspace:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"The Stupendous Adventures Of Marco Polo" out on Duck Down Records Today

I know I'm almost too late in posting this but Marco Polo's album "The Stupendous Adventures Of Marco Polo" comes out today on Duck Down Records! Make sure to cop it at your local record store or at the Duck Down website. The Ruste Juxx/Marco Polo Collabo "The Exxecution" is already a contender for my top of the year list so I got high expectations for this release. The album features songs by the aforementioned Ruste Juxx along with appearances from Large Professor, Torae, Exile, Skyzoo, Elzhi, Royce da 5'9" and more all rapping over beats by Marco Polo. Why would you NOT get this?

Find your local record store here: Record Store Locator

Buy The Stupendous Adventures Of Marco Polo & more at:
Duck Down Records Store

Monday, June 28, 2010


Nerd-Fucking Alert: “G-FEST is the largest regular gathering of Godzilla and Japanese monster fans in the world. Held each summer, G-FEST typically attracts about 1000 attendees. In 2005, more than 1300 attended.”

“G-FEST XVII will be held from July 9th through July 11th, 2010 at the Rosemont Hotel at O’Hare, 5550 North River Road, Rosemont, IL, right across the street from the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center. The location is just down the street from last year’s venue, the Crowne Plaza. You may call the hotel directly at (847) 678-4488 and ask for the G-FEST rate ($96.00: single, double, triple or quad) or Book your reservation online today with the G-FEST rate. The Rosemont Hotel is offering G-FEST attendees a special daily parking rate of only $4.00. Don’t delay, book your reservation today!”

This will be one of the most epic gatherings of nerdosity in all of nerd-dom. I'm a huge fan of Godzilla monsters (probably because it reminds me of the part of my childhood I spent in Japan) and I missed last year's fest so I'm definitely attending this year.

Also, G-FEST is once again sponsoring a mini film festival at the Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge, IL. Four movies: Son of Godzilla, Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992), Godzilla 2000 Millennium, and Godzilla X Megaguirus; will be shown on Thursday, July 8th, 2010, one pair in the afternoon and one pair in the evening. This is in addition to the Friday and Saturday night features, which will be Godzilla (1954) introduced by Akira Takarada (an actor who played various roles in the Godzilla film series) on Friday night and Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster on Saturday night!

Daily Tix Available Onsite only but you can:
Buy a Weekend Pass Here

Pickwick Theater Website:

G-Fan Website:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Old Crowns - Self Titled & Bonfire EP

What's that? Idol Threat's putting up an alt-country album? And one with some pop sensib
ilities? That's right folks, nothing's safe from my posting and shitty reviews! And I enjoy some country every now and then, as long as it's more like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash and not about saving horses and riding cowboys with rascals or some shit. Seriously though, I figured there would be enough readers out there that would appreciate this and it's a good break from all the Hip Hop and Metal I've been giving out. Plus I'm a sucker for country music with non-country vocals.

Old Crowns play a blend of indie rock, folk, blues and Americana (while being from Canada no less.) The vocals are sometimes more clean than I would like but I'm hoping the young age of the singer is the main cause and that time will roughen up his voice. Luckily the song-writing and music more than makes up for it.

They bring enough outside influences to make their songs sound unique without losing the heart of their foundation, and they're catchy without nearing pop cheesiness. There's a lot to appreciate and get lost in if you give it time and while I personally feel they would benefit from a bit more edge in their sound there's plenty of you that will think otherwise. As is their releases remain quite enjoyable and will gain a few spins in my iPod. Here's what their bandcamp had to say:

"Old Crowns' debut has been described as a "stoner-country-rock masterpiece." Ten tracks that range from folk/country duet to blues-rock epic, yet consistently satisfy with melody, harmony, groove and dynamics.

The self-titled release was crafted and honed with a year of work at the band's studio, Castle Grey Fox. The songs remain true to their roots in the organic collaboration of the band members and the resulting sound is one that speaks of the character and focus of each band member, and of the harmonic convergence of their musical personalities."

Download here:

Band Website:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Artwork Revealed for upcoming Coffins/Hooded Menace Split 7"

Ok, a split 7” being released by these 2 Death/Doom revivalists is exciting news as is. Coffins is one of my favorite bands and was also one of the highlights of my Maryland Death Fest trip, and Hooded Menace’s newest album may make it into my year end list, so this is already enough for me to go nuts over. But to hype things up even MORE Coffins just recently put out the artwork for the split done by artist Daniel Desecrator:

I am going to buy this so fucking hard! Take that however you want to.

Coffins Myspace:

Hooded Menace Myspace:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Noble Rust - Delilah EP [Free Download]

So here's a solid little EP from this Atlanta trio called Noble Rust. The band describes themselves on their Myspace as "if Black Sabbath had been produced by Spike Cassidy (D.R.I.), with Brian Eno doing a guest spot." The over-simplified description is more or less accurate, they definitely sound like an amalgamation of the influences listed in that sentence. They also list Marijuana PBR, Opiates, Jack Daniels, Discordia, Greek Mythology, Violent Cartoons and Porn as some of their influences. So that should tell you what to expect to hear from these guys.

Noble Rust is offering their EP "Delilah" for free download (or donation) on their bandcamp. The four songs do a good job representing all their influences, with each one being slightly different from the next. The first track starts with a sample and is a heavy Stoner testament to Sabbath Riffage. The next track "Mysteries of the Titans" also starts with a vocal sample and takes a thrashier, more punk approach than the first. It's followed by a Funeral Doom dirge awash with dark ambiance (a-la Eno) and the EP ends with a mostly instrumental 6 minute Sludge track. Although the tracks don't sound too unique Delilah shows some promise throughout, I am particularly impressed by the second track. I would like to see their Sludge/Thrash style explored more fully-maybe broken up with the noise experimentation of the 3rd track. I'm interested to hear where this trio goes next. Check them out and donate if you like what you hear.

Download FREE or with Donation here:

Noble Rust Myspace:

Rock The Bells 2010 Update

Recent Rock The Bells Facebook Update: "Rock the Bells appreciates all the fans repping their cities! For those asking if there will be more dates/ cities added, the four cities originally announced will be the ONLY dates with this line up. BUT, we're planning to bring more great Hip Hop shows to your town soon. In the mean time, we hope you can make it to one of the 4 cities hosting RTB this summer. We love you and thank you for all of your support!"


First no Ice Cube now this. Don't care whose fault it is, no promo.

"Sleep" Announce Reunion Tour

I was anticipating this after they announced their ATP show and some select dates (they did put out a call on their Myspace for people to help them with booking.) Even though this isn't much of a surprise it's still HUGE news, Stoner/Doom legends "Sleep" have announced an official reunion tour! Unfortunately original drummer Chris Hakius has decided not to go on the tour and he will be replaced by Neurosis drummer Jason Roeder. The group will perform Sleep's classic "Holy Mountain" album and selections from their other albums during the tour (here's hoping they play the entire Dopesmoker "song" or at least a shortened version of it.)

Sleep was formed by Al Cisneros, Chris Hakius and Matt Pike after their original band Asbestos Death broke up. When Sleep finally fizzled out Matt Pike went on to form High on Fire while Al Cisneros & Chris Hakius formed Om. Sleep is highly influential among Doom and Stoner bands, and Ozzy Osbourne himself once said that Sleep were the closest band he'd heard that had Black Sabbath's original 70s style and feeling. I myself am super fucking stoked and will be attending the Chicago date. Miss out at your peril:

9/3 Monticello, NY @ Kutsher's Country Club - All Tomorrow's Parties
9/7 Philadelphia, PA @ Starlight Ballroom
9/8 New York, NY @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple
9/9 Chicago, IL @ Logan Square Auditorium
9/10 Austin, TX @ Mohawk
9/11 Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
9/12 San Francisco, CA @ Regency Ballroom

Sunday, June 20, 2010

RIP: Manute Bol dies at 47

Manute Bol died yesterday from severe kidney trouble and a painful skin condition known as Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome. I know I don't usually post about sports but this man sent MILLIONS of dollars back to his war-torn Country Sudan. He made a career when people thought he was just a gimmick, the man deserves our respect. RIP.

Mortal Kombat: Rebirth Movie Trailer?

I don't know how the fuck I missed this but it looks like it leaked at the beginning of the month. There's been some speculation as to what this video exactly is, some have said it could be a new movie franchise reboot or even a video game teaser. Actress Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager, Boston Public) who played Sonya Blade in this video, revealed on Twitter that "It's not a game trailer,... Actually was made for the director to sell WB on his vision for a reimagined MK film." She also said she had no idea yet what Warner Bros reaction to it was.

I do know that the film studio has shown interest in the franchise in the past and that they have acquired Midway, the video game company that created Mortal Kombat. This film/trailer is also rumored to be directed by Kevin Tancharoen a former dancer /choreographer who made his directorial debut with last year's remake of FAME. All I know is this trailer is fucking brutal and stars Michael Jai White (go see Black Dynamite NOW if you haven't yet.) Someone better pick this up FAST.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

RAS KASS: A.D.I.D.A.S. - Limited Edition CD & Vinyl Pre-order & FREE Mixtape

So there’s only 2 days left to pre-order Ras Kass’ upcoming project A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I Dream About Spittin') and receive the rewards incentive. For those that don’t know Ras set up a Kickstarter account a couple of months ago to raise money for a physical pressing of his up-coming project (which he did so in record time.) is basically a fundraising website for various types of artists that raises money for projects in an ingenious way by providing incentives for donating, and in this case the incentives are various limited edition CD and vinyl packages.

Contributors can feel safe knowing that their information is kept through and is only charged if the project reaches it’s goal. To me this website combined with represent the future of independant music and how it’s distributed, and more artists should follow suit or find similar avenues of money-making/distribution. I believe this is what El-P meant when he coined the term “Independent as Fuck.”

I’ve already raved about how dope of a lyricist Ras Kass is and how he gave Hip Hop a classic with his album “Soul on Ice” so there isn’t any need for me to expand on that. If you need further convincing Ras Kass has released Part 2 of his Endangered Lyricist mixtapes for FREE download (you can find part 1 and read more about A.D.I.D.A.S. and Kickstarter here.) This is the second volume to his “best of” style mixtape series and it features more tracks from his classic Soul on Ice album, Rassassination and a number of tracks from his unreleased albums "Van Gogh" and "Goldyn Chyld." If you’re unfamiliar with his work this mixtape and the first volume are the perfect places to start, and if you like what you hear then click the link below to order a copy of A.D.I.D.A.S. Just don’t wait too long to order or you just might miss out-Save the Ras Kass!

Pre-order A.D.I.D.A.S. here:

Download Ras Kass Mixtape for FREE here:
The Endangered Lyricist Volume 2

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Grade Aplus - TMI (Too Much Info) FREE Teaser EP

I know I should be wrapping up all the 9th Wonder-Related Stuff before I start making other Hip Hop posts but I feel that this album is more appropriate to put up right now since I’ve been so much of a procrastinator of late. Grade Aplus and his self-proclaimed “Quality Slacker Hip Hop” hail from Bellwood, IL which is also home to the legendary (and HIGHLY under-appreciated) rappers of the now defunct group Rubberoom. Grade makes unorthodox, braggadocio, self-deprecating, mainstream-tinged underground Hip Hop that couples a sense of humor with a serious approach. Much like his fellow ‘Woods native SHOW, Grade Aplus is able to inject some fun into his music without making it too frivolous as he tackles subjects such as video games, cartoons and junk food. What more could a slacker ask for? Don’t let the genre tag fool you though, this kid definitely has the drive (and the skills) to go somewhere, and his music is highly infectious and highly recommended.

I recently came across a bunch of his songs that was released here and there and decided to collect them all into one convenient package to give to you guys. The tracks feature Grade rapping over old Hip Hop beats and beats produced by his long-time collaborator Mike Jaxx. Idol Threat dubbed this collection the “Not Enough Info EP” and it also serves as a teaser for his upcoming album “Too Much Info” which should be out soon. Or whenever he wants. Fucking slacker (yeah I know, pot, kettle, whatever. Get it? Slacker, pot? Eeeehhhh fuck it.)

Extra Hip Hop Nerd points goes out to whoever can guess where the sample for “Double Cheese” comes from ( No cheating.)

Download Here:
Not Enough Info EP

Grade A Plus Website:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Embers: Self-Titled EP & Wrath [Split with Book of Belial] Free Download

I know I've been slacking lately but I'll be trying to change that this week. There's so much good music I have yet to post so let's jump right into it. Embers is a band from Oakland that combine Black Metal, Crust and Sludge/Doom Metal with intriguing results. The group features 2 female members, one on keyboards and the other playing bass & singing lead vocals. The Oakland band also recruits a female violin player for their live shows. There are few females in the metal scene but the Bay area seems to be overflo
wing with great underground metal bands that has prominent female members: Grayceon, Giant Squid, Ludicra, Saros and Amber Asylum are a few worth checking out.

Embers has been kind enough to offer both their Self-Titled EP (also called "Memoria In Aeterna") and their split with Book of Belial (also called "Wrath") for free download on their bandcamp. Their self-titled debut is a solid album but the real star here is the 2 song EP "Wrath." Besides old Hellhammer and Celtic Frost I'm not really into that many "pure" Black Metal bands, but I'm definitely into the ones that pull outside influences into their music (Vegas Martyrs, Castevet and Amesoeurs come to mind) and Embers definitely falls into that category. The two songs on Wrath last nearly 20 minutes and are basically longer, more developed versions of the songs heard on their 2007 debut. Together there's over 40 minutes of quality music all for free so download now and if you like what you hear you can buy the CD of Memoria In Aeterna or the 12" vinyl of Wrath here.

Download the Albums Here:

Band Website:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Unsane To Perform “Scattered, Smothered & Covered” in it's Entirety During Tour

Holy fuckstick this is a day of good news! First the Indian signing and now this! (I also found out that Chi, the bassist of Deftones who's been in a coma, has recently started to show major signs of improvement!) Unsane is one of my favorite bands and so them playing in Chicago is big enough news as is for me, but they also plan to play their classic album "Scattered, Smothered and Covered" from beginning to end! Everyone's doing the ATP/Don't Look Back thing and I'm not complaining one bit! And as if that wasn't exciting enough, legendary band "Today is the Day" (which at one time included half the members of Mastodon) will be touring with them as well! This is officially taking 2nd place on my most anticipated shows list (The Swans reunion show in October is first.) Check out the news:

Official press release:

"Legendary NYC rock powerhouse Unsane has announced summer, 2010 U.S. tour dates. The revered trio – guitarist/vocalist Chris Spencer, drummer Vincent Signorelli and bassist Dave Curran – will kick off its plan of attack with a string of special U.S. live shows this August that will see the band perform its classic 1995 album Scattered, Smothered and Covered from start to finish.

The announcement of the special Unsane live shows coincides with the 25th anniversary of Amphetamine Reptile Records, once home to the band. As part of the cut to the bone August tour, Unsane will perform alongside The Melvins, Boss Hog and more as one of the featured artists at the AmRep "25th Anniversary Bash," set to take place August 27 and 28 in Minneapolis, MN. Unsane will kick off the month of exclusive events with an August 5 NYC show (at Santos Party House) and an August 7 live performance at the Otto Bar in Baltimore, MD. Headlining live dates in Toronto (Aug. 22), Akron, OH (Aug. 23), Chicago, IL (Aug. 24) and Madison, WI (Aug. 26) have also been announced. Support on the Unsane shows will be provided by Today is the Day (Aug. 22-26) and Keelhaul (Aug. 5-7, 22-26).

"We're really looking forward to the Unsane shows in August," Chris Spencer comments. "The idea of performing 'Scattered, Smothered and Covered' in its entirety is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. To do an album that I like that much from start to finish is going to be incredible. We've never done this before, and it's going to be both challenging and very exciting. The thought of being able to also do this at the AmRep anniversary show really kicks it up a notch!"

8/5 New York, NY @Santos Party House w/ Keelhaul, pigs
8/7 Baltimore, MD @Otto Bar w/ Keelhaul
8/22 Toronto, ON @Sneaky Dee's w/ Today Is The Day, Keelhaul
8/23 Akron, OH @Backstage Concert Club w/ Today Is The Day, Keelhaul
8/24 Chicago, IL @Empty Bottle w/ Today Is The Day, Keelhaul
8/26 Madison, WI @High Noon Saloon w/ Today Is The Day, Keelhaul
8/27 Minneapolis, MN @Grumpy's Bar

Unsane Myspace:

Chicago's "INDIAN" Sign To Relapse Records

This is HUGE fucking news! Indian is a Doom/Sludge band from Chicago whom I always felt deserved more attention (to be fair I feel that way about most Chicago bands.) They have been around for awhile now, if you haven’t been lucky enough to catch their live show you may have seen the band members working at various bars and venues in the city.

I remember sometime last year a friend of mine informing me that Indian added a second guitarist which was exciting enough, but I was floored when I found out it was Will Lindsay formerly of Middian and Wolves in the Throne Room. They’ve been releasing some solid albums under Seventh Rule but being on Relapse will definitely expand their fan base, congratulations fellas! See you at the block party.

Official Press Release: Relapse Records is proud to announce the signing of INDIAN.

"INDIAN (Ron DeFries – bass, Bill Bumgardner – drums, Will Lindsay – guitar/vocals, Dylan O’Toole – guitar/vocals, Sean Patton - noise) formed in 2003 and has self-released a 7” EP followed by three full-length albums on Seventh Rule Recordings. The band will begin recording for their Relapse debut this fall.

INDIAN commented on the signing and forthcoming full-length; “We are hitting Semaphore Recordings in early October with engineer Sanford Parker, and with the addition of Will Lindsay on second guitar/vocals and Sean Patton on noise, it's going to be like nothing you've heard from us before. The album, which has yet to be named, is set for an early 2011 release and we will be hitting the road thereafter. Indian would like to thank Relapse and our fans...see y'all soon."

Additionally, INDIAN are among the confirmed guests at this year’s Kuma’s Corner Anniversary Block Party held in July at the famous heavy metal eatery in Chicago, IL. Other musical guests include EARTHRIDE, RED FANG, THE ATLAS MONTH, and more. Complete show details will be announced soon at

Indian’s Myspace:

Relapse Records:

"Hear [See] the Drummer Get Wicked"

This is one of the funniest band videos I've ever seen, I don't think I stopped laughing once I noticed the drummer! It gives me those hearty-type laughs that builds up slow with muffled chuckles. Hopefully this puts a smile on your face and gives you a happy Friday, it sure did for me. Look at the determination and anger in his face, he's just DYING to do a blast beat! I wonder if it's too late to get this guy for tonight's C4 gig?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rock The Bells 2010

Snoop Dogg performing "Doggystyle" in it's entirety?! A Tribe Called Quest performing "Midnight Marauders" in it's entirety?! Wu-Tang performing "Enter the 36 Chambers," Rakim performing "Paid in Full," KRS One performing "Criminal Minded" all from beginning to end?! DJ Premier Guru Tribute, Lauryn Hill and more?!?! Finally adding the ATP mentality to RTB! What they better fucking add is a Chicago date, and fast! I'm still mad that Ice Cube wasn't at the Chicago stop of last year's Rock the Bells (but apparently he was at the "Gathering of the Juggalos" in Illinois last year. Really?)

Rock the Bells Website:

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Free Moanaa Self-Titled EP

So I need to get back into the groove of not only posting daily, but finally posting some free music again. Maybe if I take things slow with some short posts...

This is a self-released EP from the Poland Sludge/Post-Metal band "Moanaa." I'm hoping that 'Moanaa' translates to something cool in Polish because a simple pun/mis-spelling of a woman's name doesn't really translate into a great band name, especially for a band that sounds so serious. You might think this is just another generic sounding Post-Metal band but this EP does show some promise, I particularly like the vocals. The songs unfortunately do seem to somewhat follow the same pattern of quiet build, loud/heavy middle, atmospheric break, heavy outro. Luckily the music itself is good enough to overshadow the formulaic approach.

The album was mixed and mastered by K-vass who also provided artwork direction and guest vocals for ‘Alight’ & ‘From Deepest Place.’ The band is offering their debut self-titled EP for free download on their bandcamp, and you can find a link to their bandcamp page after the video below. (Now maybe I can finally muster up the energy to write up my Maryland Deathfest wrap-up.)

Download Here: Moanaa Bandcamp

Moanaa Myspace:

Win Tickets to This Friday's Lil Kim Concert at Congress Theater!

Want to win free tickets to this Friday's Lil Kim show at the Congress Theater in Chicago? Well Idol Threat is offering a chance to win tickets for you and two guests to see Lil Kim this Friday June 11th! Just send me an email at with the subject title "Lil Kim Contest" and you'll be entered in a drawing to win tickets to see the Queen Bee! I will notify the winner via email sometime Friday morning. Here's your chance to see Biggie's right hand woman and former contestant of Dancing With the Stars in concert! You wanna rumble with the bee huh?

And for those that don't win don't fret, you can still see a free Hip Hop show this Friday at EP Theater in Pilsen on 1820 South Halsted. It will feature performances by C4, Show and Kinky Notti with music being provided by DJ Spre of O.B. City! The show is in honor of the one year anniversary of Artpentry's "Gentleman's Boomboxes" and will start right after all the Pilsen 2nd Friday festivities at 10pm and end at 1am. Don't miss out!

Congress Theater
2135 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647-4014
(773) 276-1235

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Artpentry: Gentlemen's Boombox 1 Year Anniversary

So Artpentry Art Gallery (sounds kind of redundant doesn’t it?) just celebrated it’s one year anniversary recently. It was a year of art, beer, burgers shirts, wooden beards and most notably a year full of Gentlemen’s Boomboxes. The one-of-a-kind boomboxes made out of antique suitcases have been a big hit at the Chicago gallery (they make great Father’s day gifts too) and FloydthefourtH is officially celebrating the one year anniversary of the Gentleman’s Boombox this Friday the 11th during the Pilsen Art District’s 2nd Friday. Every second Friday of the month all the art galleries in Pilsen open their doors from 6-10pm for a night of food, friends and art so stop by if you’re in the area to help celebrate and maybe buy some cool art. If you can’t make it you can always contact Floyd at 312-NAG-TOTS or to see if you can have a boombox shipped to you.

These pieces are even more impressive in person so I highly suggest you stop by for a look and a listen. And a purchase. Definitely a purchase. If you catch me there I’m willing to give free autographs with a purchase of anything, I’m humble like that. Plus there’s rumors that a free C4 show will be happening afterwards around 10pm right across the street from Artpentry at EP Theater. Just sayin.

Artpentry Website:

1827 South Halsted
Chicago, IL, 60608

Monday, June 07, 2010

Aaron Turner Revisits Isis’ Entire Catalog

[Photo by Robin Laananen]

So Aaron Turner of the soon to be defunct band Isis recently gave an exclusive overview of the band’s entire catalogue to Self-Titled Mag. The review is exhaustive but not particularly exciting, but he did include details for future projects and Isis’ last DVD and vinyl releases. I’ve included excerpts/highlights of his overview and the full details for his post-Isis endeavors. You can find a link to the full article at the end:

On the “Mosquito Control” EP (1998): “I think this record took about three or four days to record and cost around $600. Too bad we were never able to make a record this cheaply again. The first mix was pretty bad… I’d shudder to hear the original again I’m sure.”

On “The Red Sea” EP (1999): “I think I was trying to force a level of technicality in some of the guitar parts… which ended up detracting from the overall power…it’s one of the darkest things we ever recorded in terms of atmosphere, production and composition.”

On the “Sawblade” EP (1999): "The CD version was a literal saw blade with a CD screwed onto it, which we were prohibited from selling at more than a couple shows. Fortunately no one was ever injured by one of these as far as I know.”

On “Celestial” (2000): “I would say this album definitely displayed a more fully realized version of what we eventually became…it is an odd-sounding album in certain ways, I love it for that very reason—I still can’t think of another recording I’ve heard that sounds similar really….”

On the “SGNL>05” EP (2001): “While the material from both releases [Celestial & this EP] fits together as a set, we decided doing a double CD as our first album was a bit ambitious and perhaps too much for people to swallow all at once…I consider it to be as strong as the other things we were doing at the time for sure…”

On “Oceanic” (2002): “The cohesion of the songs as a set was also really important for us, and while that had been a goal with Celestial—as it was with future albums—I still feel like this may have been our greatest success in that sense.”

On the “Oceanic: Remixes & Reinterpretations” EPs (2004): “We thought we’d reach out to a bunch of different people whose music we enjoyed, imagining that only about half or less of them would respond. In the end, though, all but two parties got back to us.”

On Panopticon (2004): “This was the last record we’d record to actual analog tape and when we returned to the studio some time later to retrieve the master reels, about half of them had mysteriously disappeared. I’m still kind of pissed off about that…”

On “We Reach: The Music of The Melvins (2005): “This (a cover of “Boris,” recorded alongside Agoraphobic Nosebleed) was rushed a bit, at least in terms of finishing the process, and that may have been mostly our fault.”

On “In the Absence of Truth” (2006): “Looking back on our whole discography, this is the only album I feel a bit disappointed by in regard to the final results.”

On the “In the Fishtank 14” with Aereogramme EP (2006): “I’m surprised in the end at how mellow the whole thing ended up being, but quite like that aspect of it.”

On “Wavering Radiant” (2009): “While I have no idea how I’ll feel about this record years from now, I suspect that I won’t have the emotional attachment to it as I did with Celestial or Oceanic, but will still feel that it was a very accurate depiction of who Isis were collectively at the end, and feel like we definitely stopped with our musical integrity and vision intact.”

Future DVD Releases
There will likely be another DVD like Clearing the Eye (Ipecac, 2006). We’ve amassed a good amount of footage since this was released, including our 10-year anniversary tour and other tours in various parts of the world. We shot one of our last shows in Australia, which we’re hoping to be able to use and I think we may be able to film some of our final shows here in the U.S. on the “farewell” tour we’re currently on. We have more than enough material, I think —it’s just a matter of putting it all together.

The Live Series
As with most bands, there is a lot of low quality shit being swapped on the Internet, so we figured we’d offer people some quality alternatives which we could release ourselves. This allowed us to present recordings and performances we felt good about, and do so in such a a way that it made sense in relation to the rest of the Isis catalog—i.e. well-rounded releases with competently-designed packaging. While we released all of the CD versions of these recordings ourselves, we chose to do the vinyl versions with other labels other than our main home (Ipecac), which gave us the opportunity to work with other labels who had approached us about doing some kind of release. We have a good number of live recordings amassed at this point so I feel fairly certain there will be at least a couple more installments of the Live series before the well runs dry…

What’s Next: There are a bunch of things in the works. The project I’m most active in at the moment in terms of recording and performing live is Mamiffer. Mamiffer, unlike Isis, is not a band in which I have a great deal of creative control—it is essentially the vision of Faith Coloccia, to whom I also happen to be married. While I’m a pliable figure in this musical construct, I am immensely grateful about being involved with this band and very excited about the album which we’re just about to wrap up. Not sure when it will be released, but likely sometime late this year or early 2011. House of Low Culture is my long running ’solo project’, though almost every recording has included contributions from other people. I have two releases in the works with that project—one being a soundtrack for a graphic novel by my friend Tom Neely, the other being a split 12-inch with the aforementioned Mamiffer.

Also in the works is a new EP, and possibly an album, by my project with James Plotkin and Tim Wyskida called Jodis. We released an album last year (Secret House), which was one of my favorite things I’ve ever been a participant in and I’m certainly excited about the continuation of this project. There are talks of live shows for Jodis later this year, but we’ll see what happens. In the more distant future, there are plans for a new Greymachine album (a project masterminded by JK Broadrick, which includes myself and a host of others), a collaborative album with William Fowler Collins, a vinyl reissue of the second Lotus Eaters album, etc. By no longer spending so much of my time on the road and in the studio with Isis, I’m freed up to do a lot of other things in the realm of music and very excited about doing so. My activities as art director and sometime designer for Hydra Head Records, as well as partial owner of Vacation Vinyl in Los Angeles, will continue on as well.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Chicago Reader's "Best of Chicago 2010"

So the Chicago Reader is holding their “Best of Chicago 2010” poll and they want you to participate. You have the chance to win a variety of prizes if you do, and you can also vote for the “Best local music blog” (wink.) Read on for the details:

“Our Best of Chicago 2010 readers' poll will close in less than a week, but in that time we plan to give away some great prizes including Cubs v. White Sox tickets, Pitchfork Music Festival passes, concert tickets, gift certificates and more! Cast a vote in our Best of Chicago 2010 readers' poll today and be entered to win tickets to see the White Sox take on the Cubs at Wrigley on Friday, June 11. Vote tomorrow, June 2, and you'll be entered to win Pitchfork day passes, Jazz Record Mart gift certificates, as well as tickets to see Thievery Corporation and Million Dollar Quartet.

Best of Chicago 2010 winners will be published in print and online in the Reader's Best of Chicago issue, June 24.

When voting you'll also have the opportunity to subscribe to one of our regular email newsletters (if you haven't already)”

Go Here to vote:
Best of Chicago

Go Here to vote for the best local music blog:
Best of Chicago/Arts & Entertainment

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Updates, Machetes and Arizona

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, I've been away at MDF 8 (which I will post a wrap-up of in the near future.) I will be updating soon but due to some complications it may be a couple of days or it may be tonight. In the meantime, since my recent roadtrip to Baltimore left me feeling a little political I'd like to share this trailer for an upcoming Robert Rodriguez movie that looks bad-ass to me no matter what people say (or how bad Jessica Alba's line is.) You also get a bonus Public Enemy Video. Enjoy.