Thursday, December 30, 2010

Idol Threat's Top 5 Shows/Festivals of 2010

It's finally here! I'm going to kick off my string of "year end list" posts with Idol Threat's Top 5 Shows of 2010. I don't think I attended more shows in one year than I did this past year and yet it was still just a small fraction of the amount of shows that actually occurred in 2010. So keep that in mind if you disagree with any of the shows I picked (and if you have no opinion of the list whatsoever it may be a sign that you need to attend more shows in the future.)

There was alot of amazing shows that I considered for the list; Anthrax's last tour with Slayer & Megadeth, the Floor reunion show, my first time seeing Envy and seeing Unsane perform "Scattered, Smothered & Covered" were definite highlights of my year, but the following 5 shows each had something special that gave them the edge over all the others. So without further ado here is Idol Threat's Top 5 Shows/Festivals of 2010. Oh yeah, Rock the Bells didn't come to Chicago so they're automatically out of the running. Click the jump to see the list:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy 88th Birthday to Stan Lee!!!

The creator of many beloved Marvel Comics Characters turns 88 today! Excelsior!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Smif n Wessun & Cookin Soul present “Stockin Stuffers” (Hood Xmas) Mixtape

Merry Christmas everybody! Tek & Steele aka Duck Down's own Smif N Wessun teamed up with Cookin Soul to give you this free mixtape for the holidays. This dropped yesterday but I was too lazy to post it up. Now I just gotta muster up enough energy to shovel my car out of the 8 inches (it was more like 2 feet) of snow it's buried in. Damn.


Download Here: “Stockin Stuffers” (Hood Xmas) Mixtape

Buy Smif N Wessun Music Here:

Cookin Soul Site:

Monday, December 20, 2010

EARTH - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1 to be Released Next Year

I was waiting for more details or some samples to surface before I shared this post but nothing new has come up so I figured it would be fitting to put this up after my last post. Earth has just announced that they will release a new album next year, one of 2 new albums from the legendary drone band to be released in 2011. The album is called "Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1" and the artwork (above) is absolutely amazing. This will be their first studio album since 2008's
The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull. The album has a release date of February 7, 2011. Check the Press release:

"Earth is pleased to announce the arrival of a new album. Coming February 2011 from Southern Lord Records, we welcome
Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light: I. Produced and recorded at Avast Studios in Seattle,Washington by Stuart Hallerman (notable engineer behind Earth 2), this new album features the following line-up.

Adrienne Davies – trap kit and percussives
Dylan Carlson – electric guitar and devices
Lori Goldston – cello and devices
Karl Blau – electric bass guitar"

Earth Website:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mona De Bo - Nekavejies, Sis Ir Speles Ar Tevi and S/T Album [Free Downloads]

Mona De Bo is from Latvia of all places and was formed in 2005. They started off as a duo consisting of guitarist Edgars Rubenis and drummer Edgars Eihmanis and played garage/indie rock for their self-titled 2008 debut. They have since expanded their line-up and changed their style dramatically for their follow up album 'Nekavējies, Šīs Ir Spēles Ar Tevi' ('Don't Hesitate, You're Already Part of It') which was released on March 12 of this year. The new line-up now includes an organ, French horn, trombone and a double bass. The extra instrumentation also comes with a style change and they definitely have made a change for the better.

Their new style has them being compared to Drone legends "Earth," though for the most part they resemble the Hex-era Earth more so than the Special Frequency Version (minus the Americana influence.) I'm really digging the blend of the horns with the droning guitars, it gives the tracks an orchestral, classical feel that helps separate them from all the other Earth & Sunn O))) clones. They manage to forge their own voice that is lush, subtle, dynamic and beautiful. This album and their garage rock debut are both available for free download on their site. I HIGHLY recommend this album.

Here is an excerpt from their bio:

"Mona De Bo is a Latvian band playing a blend of slowcore, drone, and free-noise rock. The band was started as a guitar and drums in Rīga, Latvia in 2005. The band released its self-titled debut LP in 2008. It comprised 10 songs in Latvian delivered in a garage/experimental manner. The band's second album 'Nekavējies, Šīs ir Spēles Ar Tevi' (Don't Hesitate, You're Already Part of It') was written and recorded during the summer 2009. It exhibits a strong departure from their early garage rock sound as the music has become much slower in tempos and thicker in tones. The band decided not to restrict themselves to their usual guitar/vocals/drums set-up and to try a different instrumentation instead: the densely orchestrated sound was achieved by the addition of an organ, another guitar, trombone, french horn, and double bass. Stylistically 'Nekavējies.' pays homage to the drone-doom of Earth and Sunn O))) and blends it with occasional free-jazz drumming and noise assaults evoking Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine."

Download the New Album here: Nekavejies, Sis Ir Speles Ar Tevi

Download their Self-Titled Debut: Mona De Bo


Monday, December 13, 2010

RIP Chuck Schuldiner 1967-2001

On this day 9 years ago the great Chuck Schuldiner, singer/guitarist for legendary death metal band Death & Control Denied, died from a tumor. Many believed that he would have survived if he was able to raise the funds needed for surgery early on. His health insurance would not cover the surgery since it was a pre-existing condition, a tragic turn of events and a scathing commentary on American health care. Chuck is often called the Father or Godfather of Death Metal and took the genre to new frontiers with his band Death, which is still one of my favorite bands. His death is a reminder of how many band members and participants of the arts are lacking health insurance, celebrate this man's legacy by playing a Death record today and listen to his mother Jane & get health insurance if you can. RIP Chuck.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Artifacts Reunite, Talk Reunion Tour

That's right you heard correctly, The Artifacts have decided to reunite after a couple of performances including one at the closing of the FAT BEATS Store in L.A. For those that are unfamiliar The Artifacts is a Hip Hop duo from New Jersey that burst into the scene in the mid 90s with the grafitti writers anthem Wrong Side of Da Tracks. El Da Sensei and Tame One's innate chemistry and hard-as-fuck production by Buckwild of the legendary Diggin in the Crates crew and T-Ray from the Soul Assassins collective made their debut album "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" an instant classic. Hopefully full details for the tour will surface soon but for now check the interview from

"The Artifacts were a thing of the past — a part of underground hip-hop history. Known for their two albums, 1994’s Between a Rock and a Hard Place and 1997’s That’s Them (and their biggest hit, “Wrong Side of Da Tracks”), the Newark-based duo split up in 1998. El Da Sensei and Tame One continued their careers as solo artists.

The breakup wasn’t bitter; they just decided to record separately. A little over two years ago, however, at the Rock Steady Crew’s 31st anniversary party, they found themselves together on stage again, and they really liked it. They performed together again at the Rock Steady Crew’s 33rd anniversary show and at the closing week of the legendary hip-hop record store Fat Beats in L.A. Something became apparent to both of them — it was time to bring The Artifacts back.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Coffins Singles Collection "Ancient Torture" Due February 14, 2011

It’s no secret that Japanese Death/Doom band “Coffins” is one of my favorite acts so this news is particularly exciting for me. Coffins has been extremely prolific when it comes to comps, splits, etc., so much so that they were able to compile this 2XCD set of singles spanning 2005-2009. The collection is entitled “Ancient Torture” and will be released just in time for Valentines Day next year so ladies and fellas you now know what to get your loved ones. This 8-panel digipak release is being put out by Deepsend Records who will also be putting out a t shirt and a combo package of the 2 (which is what I’ll be getting myself for Valentines Day.) Coffins always has some brutal and beautiful album artwork so having the cover (drawn/designed by Mark and Mike Riddick) put on a t shirt is a definite plus, jump on these pre-orders fast because if their previous releases are any indication this 2XCD set will sell out quick.

Pre-Order Here:

Coffins Website:

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Scott Ian of Anthrax to write DC Comic's "Etrigan the Demon"

Scott Ian, legendary guitarist for thrash band Anthrax and avid comic book fan, has just announced that he will soon be writing a series for DC Comics based on their character "Etrigan the Demon." Scott Ian (
who played an AMAZING set on their tour with Slayer) apparently has already written for the comic company, he teamed up with famed artist Sam Keith last year to write "LOBO: HIGHWAY TO HELL." For the non-nerd acquainted Etrigan is a rhyming demon from hell and alter ego of Demonologist Jason Blood. No news on the plot of the series or the release date but we'll keep you posted.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Red Sparowes: Live @Hydrozagadka 9/27

The Red Sparowes have just posted a full live set from their late September show in Warsaw, Poland. It's lacking a bit of low end but it's a great recording otherwise. It's amazingly clear and high quality for what I'm assuming is an amateur/fan recording. For those that didn't see my previous post about their new album the Red Sparowes are an influential instrumental Post Rock group that includes former members of Halifax Pier, Angel Hair, Pleasure Forever and now defunct Post Metal legends Isis. Their frequent use of pedal steel guitar adds to the Americana influence that makes them so unique. Red Sparowes' music is epic and often more of an experience than mere songs and that experience is even more powerful live. This recording is a great overview of their catalog so download it now and buy one of their albums if you like what you hear.

Get it Free: Red Sparowes - Live at Hydrozagadka 9/27/10

Stream & Download the FLAC version or individual songs here:

Buy Albums Here:

Saturday, December 04, 2010

El-P Remixes Justin Beiber & Gives Out Free Unreleased Track From Megamixxx3

No April Fools has not come early, El-P really did remix Justin Beiber's song "Baby." He mashed it up with Paul McCartney and Wings' classic Live and Let Die. Apparently he did this at the urge of XLR8R magazine. It's actually pretty good except for the Justin Beiber "Baby" hooks that was left in. This came out about half a year ago but I figured I'd give it out now since he just put out a new track yesterday. “Lab Rat Bravely Escapes On Hovercraft Only To Crash Outside Of Gates” was originally intended to appear on his new instrumental album Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 [purchase here] but wasn't released since the file was corrupted. Luckily El-P managed to fix it and has decided to give it out for free. This instrumental track is raw as fuck so cop the new Megamixxx3 album if you like what you hear here. 'Hear hear.'

Feel the Beiber: Right Click to Save Baby (El-P Death Mix)

Get it Free: Lab Rat Bravely Escapes On Hovercraft Only To Crash Outside Of Gates

And did you hear about the Co Flow Reunion?: Opening for Portishead

Thursday, December 02, 2010



"The management for doom metal legends SAINT VITUS has confirmed to BLABBERMOUTH.NET that the band's former drummer, Armando Acosta, passed away Thanksgiving Day (November 25) at the age of 58.

Armando was one of the original SAINT VITUS members, having joined the group in 1979 when they were known as TYRANT. He was replaced in 2009 by the band's current drummer, Henry Vasquez.

When asked by The Obelisk in a January 2010 interview what caused the split between Acosta and SAINT VITUS, the band's guitarist, Dave Chandler, stated, "He's got some major health problems, and it's just restricting his playing. We had set up to do a really, really big show in France with 100,000 people, 80,000 — the Hellfest. We did Roadburn and like three German shows, and we were like, 'Man, you gotta get help, dude,' because we can't have something going on like this for the France thing, because that could open up a lot of doors for other things.' We played between HEAVEN & HELL and MÖTLEY CRÜE, so we couldn't have stuff screwing up. Hopefully he'll attend to it. We all hope that he does."

An official statement from Dave Chandler and SAINT VITUS regarding Acosta's passing is expected later today."


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Know Nothing - Live Bootleg 9/24/10

I saw this posted on a blog and it blew my mind! "Know Nothing" play blackened grindcore/powerviolence, with some sludge thrown in for good measure. I've posted this bootleg of one of their live shows; the recording isn't that great but it's DEFINITELY worth downloading since it's the only way to hear their stuff until they put out an official release. Their performance impressed me so much when I saw this video that it reminded me of the first time I saw "The Communion" (whom I mentioned in the previous post.) If their releases live up to the material in these videos and the bootleg then they are going to be one motherfucker of a band! Big ups to the Shadowkick blog for this:

Get it FREE: Know Nothing - Live Bootleg 9/24/10

Know Nothing Myspace:

How to Tour in a Band or Whatever

Saw this on The Communion's Facebook page and thought I'd share it. Pretty much everything in this list is solid gold for people thinking about touring. This list was written by Thor Harris who is the percussionist for Shearwater and has played alot with "The Angels of Light" Michael Gira's 'other' band. Enjoy, and click the jump for the rest of the list (and a link to The Communion's Myspace. Seriously, check them out.)

1-Don’t Complain. Bitching, moaning, whining is tour cancer. If something is wrong fix it or shut the fuck up you fucking dick. goddamn.

2-If you fart, claim it.

3-Don’t Lose shit. Everybody loses shit. Don’t fucking do it. Asshole.

4-Don’t fuck anyone in the band. There are tons of people to fuck who are not in this band. Dumbass.

5-If you feel like shit all the time, drink less beer at the gig. You will play better & feel better. What are you… a child? Some have the endurance for self abuse. Most don’t.

6-Remember the soundman’s name. He will do a better job.

7- Eat oranges. Cures constipation & prevents colds.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Year End Lists Update...

So the end of the year is approaching and you know what that means, Idol Threat’s 2nd annual ‘Top Albums of the Year’ list is coming as well. We’ll also have a few mini-lists that will lead up to it so be on the lookout for them all in the coming weeks. I’ve been keeping a running tab of albums that have caught my ear throughout the year so now all I need to do is whittle it down to the top 10 and actually write the damn thing. In the meantime I’ll be trying to avoid any and all year end lists so that they won’t subconsciously influence my opinion. That will mean me staying off of a few internet sites for now and putting off reading the newest issue of Decibel. Resisting the temptation will be tough!

This will be a great jumping on point for new readers too since I’ll also be doing a ‘Top FREE Albums of the Year’ list of stuff I have posted. That means anything I have posted for free download throughout the year, no matter when the album was released, will be eligible for the list. Feel free to make your suggestions for mini-lists and top Idol Threat free albums of the year in the comments, knowing what free albums the readers all enjoyed will help me make my decisions. Hopefully you all will be more vocal during this next year so that I can leave the top list all up to reader votes. In the meantime browse through the previous posts and enjoy the 5 (technically 9) free albums and 2 free songs I posted during Black Friday weekend.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Slayer Christmas Lights Video

Just when I was getting tired of hearing Christmas songs and seeing lights put up too early I see this video on Invisible Oranges. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

DJ Muggs & Bambu – Los Angeles, Philippines [2 Versions]

DJ Muggs is the DJ/Producer for Cali legends Cypress Hill & the Soul Assassins collective. He's done alot of collabos with artists and is a strong producer, so any collaboration he puts out for free should be jumped on quick. This time he teams up with fellow Cali native Bambu from the Filipino rap duo Native Guns. The Native Guns combined conscious politics with gangster rap much like popular rap duo Dead Prez. Their name was even a play off of the well known "Native Tongues" collective that was made up of conscious rap groups A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and The Jungle Brothers. So Bambu's style was a perfect match for the dark production of DJ Muggs. This is a dope release that's highly recommended and is even offered in a mixtape style & unmixed version. The unmixed version has a slightly higher bitrate while the mixed version contains a bonus track. I've combined both versions into one easy download for you lazy bastards so enjoy. [for all you latepassers the combined link expired so you'll have to settle for the complete/full version]

Get it Free: DJ Muggs & Bambu – Los Angeles, Philippines

Soul Assassins Link:

Brains - Strange Meat (demo 2010)

Brains is a band from Cork, Ireland who describes their sound as "Blackened Rock & Roll" and fusing Varg Vikernes with Tom Petty. I don't really hear the blackened part but there's definitely a lot of Rock & Roll in their sound, there may be a little bit of classic doom in the mix but the black metal is probably more approach and "spirit" than actual sound elements. This is a demo but doesn't sound like one (it DEFINITELY doesn't sound like normal Black Metal demo production) it's got a nice clean and warm sound to it. Brains has put their demo up for free download on Bandcamp and didn't even put the option to donate so if you like classic rock you should definitely cop this album.

Get if Free:


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Atlas Sound: Bedroom Databank Vol. 1-4

Deerhunter is a indie rock band from Atlanta, Georgia (which seems to be a nice little hotspot for great bands.) They describe themselves as "ambient punk" which sums up their sound nicely although it does sometimes incorporate other genres such as shoegaze, electronica and psychedelic rock. Whatever the original mix is pristine indie pop is usually what ends up as the framework leaving a much more commercially digestible byproduct as a result. Bradford Cox is the vocalist for that band and also does solo work under the moniker "Atlas Sound."

Mr. Cox has been awesome enough to offer not just one free album, but FOUR free albums for download on his blog. Each album is a different volume of his "Bedroom Databank" series and includes a bunch of home recordings and rare work. Most of the songs where recorded on computer or a TASCAM DP-08. Some controversy has occurred with the release of these recordings when Sony music apparently requested that some of the files be deleted. He has since uploaded the files with new links and requested that anyone who wants to share their thoughts about what Sony did should contact them. Get the links to all four albums after his reaction to what happened and check his blog for full details. Hurry because you'll never know if Sony will take these links down as well:

"The file identified by the key (17q0oya5mkx84ow) has been deleted by Sony Music Entertainment on November 26, 2010 at 12:44pm.

Apparently Sony Music Owns my bedroom. Feel free to call or email and let them know what you think. I can understand them requesting for me to remove a cover but the only one I can imagine that happening with is Dylan. Which was on Vol. 1. Which was not deleted. I am re-uploading the files now. I'll put new links in the posts."

Atlas Sound: Bedroom Databank Vol. 1: Bedroom Databank Vol. 1

Atlas Sound: Bedroom Databank Vol. 2:
Bedroom Databank Vol. 2

Atlas Sound: Bedroom Databank Vol. 3:
Bedroom Databank Vol. 3

Atlas Sound: Bedroom Databank Vol. 4:
Bedroom Databank Vol. 4

Check out his blog here:

Contact Sony Here: 212.833.4976 or

Dark Time Sunshine - Believeyoume

While checking out Aesop Rock's latest collabos and guest spots I stumbled across a free album called 'Believeyoume' by the duo "Dark Time Sunshine" on Fake Four Inc. Records. The duo consists of Cape Cowen (aka Onry Ozzborn of dope Seattle-based Hip Hop group Grayskul) & Chicago-based producer Zavala. I'm a fan of any album with one producer, I always feel that it's a better and clearer way to get a vision across. This ringtone/single MP3 world has lost the meaning of cohesive sound and having a dope ALBUM, not just a collection of dope songs. Believeyoume has a gritty but light sound and is a solid listen from start to finish so definitely click the link hoard. Check the press release and download link after (plus a BONUS link to download the instrumentals) and if you like this cop their new album "Vessel" which contains guest spots from Aesop Rock, P.O.S., Qwel & more:

"I guess it was only a matter of time before 2 loggers from Northern Ireland would meet up in the states one day &make way. For what you ask? Music composed for the sole purpose of courting dames who will later give birth to snobs ,archers ,zombie lovers ,&rappers.. while yet still being able to remain REGAL & JUST throughout thines conflicts & obstacles. A positive light during a dark period I say.

Born as Ludwig & Lair, the 2 reside distant in body (Seattle U.S.A., & Chicago Illinois) but closely encountered through beat ,vocal , & Google. With only about ONE year of mixing formulas.. DARK TIME SHINE has managed to "shoot the gift" per se ,& title it BELIEVEYOUME.. Free for you & yours.

With a sound blending the Golden age of Hip Hop, with todays synthesized dro drop ,simply makes you feel as if time travel is surely possible with every listen. Experienced & well whittled, these 2 individuals set fourth to quite honestly make you smile, think, fight, fantasize, smile some more, dance, & eventually leave you with some of those feelings/goosebumps that perhaps could lead to a GOOD DAY!
Both men have treaded along side some of the most re-known musicians this world has to offer. From Atmosphere to Del.. Aesop Rock to Sleep.. Sage Francis to Molemen.. Jedi Mind Tricks to Qwel & Maker (the list goes on & on) these 2 Semi-Pro baseball dropouts have put a lot of blood ,sweat,& tears into this love of theirs, & have happened to be accompanied by some of the best to ever do it along the way.. The future looks bright for Cape Cowen & Zavala ,with the help of FAKE FOUR INC., there will be a lot more gifts for you.. (the listener) if you choose to oblige & indulge."

Get it Free Here:

Download Instrumentals here: Dark Time Sunshine – BelieveYouMe

Buy "Vessel" Here:

Friday, November 26, 2010

Aesop Rock - Bosico Remix & Ghosts of the Barbary Coast [Free Downloads]

If you don't know about Aesop Rock yet then you need to catch up, the wunderkind wordsmith has been helping shape the sound of underground & indie Hip Hop since the late 90s. I don't want to get too into it because I'll just be writing forever & I'm trying to keep the freebies moving - but his complex & unorthodox rhyme schemes and imagery was so futuristic when he came out that there are few who can match him even to this day. His early releases were classics but some fans haven't enjoyed Aesop taking over most of the production duties on his albums of late.

I personally dig alot of his production and think he's just starting to find his new voice and style in beatmaking. I particularly enjoy all the remixes he does for indie artists (which he seems to have done a lot of since his move to San Francisco from NY.) His appearance on Tobacco's album 'Fucked Up Friends,' his remix of The Mountain Goats John Darnielle's song "Lovecraft in Brooklyn," and his remix of Grimace Federation's track "Catch 22" are all wonderfully dense, lush and refreshing and some of the best tracks I've heard from Aes in awhile. This new remix of another Grimace Federation track might even be the best track I've heard from him since "Food, Clothes & Medicine" off of his 'Fast Cars, Danger, Fire & Knives' EP from 2005. You can catch the video of the remix below along with links to download that track from 900 Bats for free & a bonus free track he did as a collaboration with artist Jeremy Fish. The project was called the "Ghosts of the Barbary Coast" and was made to go with a slideshow of drawings from Jeremy Fish and is called "Tomorrow Morning." Check it out below:

Download Ghosts of the Barbary Coast:

Buy Grimace Federation's album here:

WINTER Reunited to Play Roadburn 2011

FUcking hell I'm tired of sharing news that does nothing but piss me off. Again in spirit of the fucking brutal cold I bring you news of legendary doom band WINTER reuniting for the Sunn O))) curated Roadburn festival in Holand next year. First Co Flow in London and now Holland? USA step your game up, hopefully this news means a permanent reunion and not a one-off and maybe a new album and tour? C'mon son! (*Ed Lover voice.) I wonder what's up with Winter - Into Darkness Southern Lord reissue? Check the press release below from

"19 years after the band split in 1992, New York's cult doom band WINTER has reformed and will play at the Roadburn festival in Tilburg, Holland next April. The band will perform on Friday, April 15 at the 013 vnue as part of SUNN O)))'s curated day along with EARTH, SCORN, BEAVER, ALUK TODOLO, MENACE RUINE, HOODED MENACE, THE SECRET and Atilla Csihar's VOID OV VOICES."

See the full release here:

Alaskan - The Weak and the Wounded

So in the 'spirit' of Black Friday I thought I'd try and give you guys as much free shit as I can today. Or at least as much stuff as my insomnia allows. Let's see how this works out. And in the spirit of this 18 degree/feels-like-5-degree weather I thought I'd start with a Canadian band called Alaskan. Their album 'The Weak and the Wounded' was recorded by Topon Das of fellow Canadian Grindcore band Fuck the Facts, but don't expect much Grindcore here (besides the movie samples scattered throughout.) Here you'll find more grim, atmospheric post rock tinged doom/sludge much like early Isis with Envy-esque vocals. This is pretty good stuff and not a bad start for today so download for free or for however much you like and maybe pick up some merch or the album on tape. Get em:

Download here:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

COMPANY FLOW to Reunite & Open for Portishead at London's ATP 2011

Fuck me this is big news! Company Flow, the group who arguably defined the new age of underground Hip Hop in the 90s is reforming for one show as they open up for Portishead for the 2011 All Tomorrow's Party festival. Their album "Funcrusher Plus" (a fleshed out re-release of their EP 'Funcrusher') was a seminal release for underground Hip Hop and one of my favorite albums of all time. MCs El-P, Bigg Jus and DJ Mr. Len re-defined the sound and style of underground Hip Hop with that album and also birthed tons of followers and biters in their wake. Unfortunately Big Juss' amicable split and their highly publicized beef with their label Rawkus Records spearheaded the groups demise by 2000.

The members went their seperate ways and El-P went on to form his own label "Def Jux" and has had a successful solo career. The group reunited for a Brooklyn show in October of 2007, but it was only a partial reunion since Mr. Len was noticabley absent. I was unable to make that show and it looks like I won't be able to make the full reunion being that it will be in London. El-P has confirmed through his Twitter that this will be a one-time show, I hope you know how lucky you are London. Who knows, maybe with
Def Jux's recent hiatus there may be a tour or possibly a Co Flow reunion in the works? One can only hope. Check the full press release after the jump.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Unsane Digital EP Available at Coextinction Recordings

Unsane was absolutely INSANE when I saw them last at The Empty Bottle where they played 'Scattered, Smothered & Covered' in it's entirety. I thought that would be all the Unsane excitement I'd get for at least the rest of the year but thankfully I was wrong! Unsane have just released a 3 song, digital-only EP through their newly launched label/website called Coextinction Recordings. This forward-thinking endeavor is an artist-owned site that offers releases that are recorded at their own bare bones, raw diy professional studio. Along with this 1st Unsane EP they have material from Shrinebuilder, Goes Cube, Julie Christmas & Unsane member Dave Curran's side band Pigs slated for release as well. I just bought the EP myself and it sounds amazing (although I would've liked for the last instrumental Noise track to be longer.) Check after the jump for the press release and links to download and listen to the new EP:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Decibel Magazine To Have Monthly Exclusive Flexi Discs Vinyl In 2011

HOLY SHIT, DECIBEL (Americas only Monthly Metal Magazine) is now going to offer FREE monthly Flexi Discs with their subscriptions!!!! I can't believe they're bringing those back-am I the only one old enough to remember these things? Flexi Discs were these cool super thin vinyl discs that sometimes came in magazines or were used for really cheap childrens records. They usually came in a square that you could "pop out" the vinyl from. Not only is this this free with each issue, but each disc will have EXCLUSIVE material not found anywhere else! And the first disc is from Grindcore legends BRUTAL TRUTH!!! This just made this magazine even greater and is another reason why it's still the ONLY magazine I subscribe to. If you listen to metal music there is no reason not to subscribe to this magazine, ignore the stupid hipster tag that some people attach to it and support this publication! Some select indy locations will have the magazines with the Flexi Discs but subscribing is the only way to get them for sure, check after the jump below for the announcement from and a link to subscribe, GO GO GO!!!:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hollow Leg - Instinct [Free Download]

So it seems like the closer winter gets the more doom metal creeps into my rotation. Something about the premature darkness and gloom definitely makes me want to be angry. But the anger needs to come as a slow burn, makes it easier to cope with the coming cold.

Hollow Leg is a doom metal duo that comes to us from Boston via Jacksonville, Florida. Being from Boston it was natural that the duo originally start in the hardcore scene, but they chose to relocate to the swamplands as a fitting backdrop to add more sludge into their sound. It's not all dirge and dirt however since they manage to sneak in some slight stoner groove to make some of their tracks more upbeat. I really like the barking, distorted hardcore vocals that scrape across these tracks too. This is a great release that they're offering for free on their bandcamp so jump on this quick and let the riffs welcome you into the coming dark:

Download Here:

Hollow Leg Myspace:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

J.Period/Black Thought Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition) Free Download

Okay, now THIS is more like it
. Black Thought of The Legendary Roots crew is one of the best lyricists out there, some say possibly THE best. He is definitely one of my favorite MCs so the guys over at Beau Monde knew that they had to pass this along to me. J.Period aka "The Mixtape Assassin" has been making some dope remixes and mixtapes for quite some time and this is another solid addition to his resume. You can find the download link after the press release & behind the scenes video below.

"Truelements + Lyrics to Go present the "J.Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)" EP, a first-of-its-kind J.Period mixtape recorded LIVE onstage at Toronto’s premiere hip hop festival, The Manifesto, Sept. 26, 2010. Starring legendary MC Black Thought (The Roots), the "J.Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)” EP features a 30-minute barrage of live J.Period remixes with Black Thought ripping rhymes over new and classic hip hop hits, Roots fan favorites, plus a finale segment where Thought pays tribute to his favorite MCs by impersonating them (a la The Roots’ “Boom”)...the “J.Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)” EP offers fans a glimpse of the Live Mixtape experience and showcases one of hip hop’s ultimate emcees over beats from Jay-Z, Biggie, Snoop, Damien Marley, Toronto’s own Drake, and more!

“What I love about the Live Mixtape is that it separates the real MCs from the studio MCs,” says J.Period. “As a performer, Black Thought is unmatched in his breath control, and his voice live on stage is just as compelling as it is on wax. That was the motivation behind this EP, and the fact that it plays as well as a mixtape as it does as a live show is a testament to Thought’s incredible abilities as a live MC. There’s no one else in his league in that regard.”

Download the Mixtape Here: J.Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)

J.Period Website:

Team Teamwork: The Ocarina of Rhyme

OK, this maaaaaay be a little too corny even for my taste but what the hell. "The Ocarina of Rhyme" is an album mash-up of Hip Hop acapellas and beats made with samples from the video game 'The Legend of Zelda.' The name of the album is a play on words of "Ocarina of Time," the title of the pre-quel to the famous Zelda series. Video Game nerds will geek over the "oh shit" factor of the combo on initial listen but there isn't much here to constitute multiple listens to anyone but hardcore gamers. Most of these sound a bit forced and it seems like they just looped the soundtrack songs over drums. So why even download this you ask? The songs are pretty humorous and the MF Doom track works so fucking well it almost makes the entire album a 'win.' Almost. Plus, it's been a slow week. Check the LINK below (get it? heh?!)

Download here: Team Teamwork: The Ocarina of Rhyme

Team Teamwork Website:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"The Death of Spider-Man?!?!"


"CBR News has obtained the cover for Marvel Comics' section of the February, 2011 "Previews," featuring an image boldly declaring "The Death of Spider-Man." No further information has been made available at this time as Marvel offered a firm "No comment" on the cover, but stay tuned to CBR for more information on the story as it becomes available."


Mogwai Announce New Album & Tour

The last time Mogwai toured the Chicago date got cancelled so that better not happen again. Their 2008 album "The Hawk is Howling" was pretty good but I have high hopes for their follow-up simply because of it's name: "Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will." It'd be hard to think of an awesomer name than that. These Scottish Post Rock veterans will be playing an insane amount of shows next year, 69 to be exact, so you have no excuse to miss this one. Unless they cancel it. Then you have an excuse. A good one too. 'Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will' is Mogwai's 7th album and it comes out February 14th on Rock Action Records and February 15 on Sub Pop Records here in the States. There will also be a Limited Edition version which includes a bonus CD featuring a 26 minute piece called ‘The Singing Mountain’ recorded for Douglas Gordon and Olaf Nicolai’s ‘Monument for Forgotten Future’ installation in Essen, Germany. Check the jump for tracklist and tour dates:

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Torche on Fox News?!

How in the FUCK did this happen?!?!?!?!

“...Torche is the world’s greatest band. And if you haven’t heard of them you’re probably a racist homophobe. You ought to be in prison forever in a cage made out of your own bones.”
- Mike Huckabee former Arkansas Governor

"...they pretty much sodomized my earholes." - Greg Gutfeld

Crucial Blast - BLASTWAVE X: 2010 Compendium [FREE]

Cheese and crackers this is a huge comp! Crucial Blast is offering a compilation of tracks by the artists on their label to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and they didn’t cut any corners to do it! A whopping 54 tracks is what you get FOR FREE thanks to the extreme metal label so don’t hesitate to click the link. There’s a TON of great artists on this comp but I recommend the tracks by prolific drone duo Nadja, noise legends Skullflower, noise rock band Black Elk, the ambient solo works from Pig Destroyer guitarist Scott Hull, and the tracks by “Gnaw Their Tongues” (not to be confused with the new post-Khanate band 'Gnaw' who I also recommend you check out.) Gnaw's combination of noise/black metal/evil is one of the most abrasive stuff I’ve ever heard. Check the press release below and take a look at the jump for the complete tracklisting:

"After ten years of exploring the outer fringes of extreme underground music, CRUCIAL BLAST has amassed a considerable catalog of titles from such reknowned artists as GENGHIS TRON, WEEDEATER, SKULLFLOWER, GNAW THEIR TONGUES, TOTIMOSHI, MONARCH!, SCOTT HULL, SUBARACHNOID SPACE, NADJA, BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS, and more, spanning the realms of avant-grind, black industrial, sludgecore, extreme doom, brutal prog, and heavy psych. In commemoration of the label's ten year existence marked by the arrival of 2010, we have assembled a massive digital compilation that features over fifty tracks from our catalog of artists and releases, as well as unreleased tracks from some of our upcoming 2010 releases and exclusive material from black metal/industrial terrorizers NEKRASOV, cavernous black orchestral drone demons ROBE, the dystopian industrial deathdub of LYCANTHROPIC WARHEAD, and a blistering assault of blackened synth dread from THEOLOGIAN."


Crucial Blast website:

Monday, November 01, 2010

Panasonic discontinues Technics Analog Turntables

I heard rumors about this last year but I guess they finally made it official. The most recognizable and trusted name in Turntables is calling it quits. A lot of people nowadays are calling themselves deejays when they’ve never even owned a record or turntable, and now they have even less of a reason to do otherwise. This is truly the end of an era and proof of the decline of the turntablist and rise of the “Idj.” Technics last forever so hold on to them if you go em, it looks like they're already selling for more on eBay. I got mine almost 13 years ago and one of them was already over 10 years old, and they’re still going strong to this day. Check the jump for the full article from


This is a pretty awesome event for comic lovers in Chicago and it's running through the entire month of November! This makes up for the San Diego Comic Con Registration failing this morning and postponing ticket sales for AT LEAST a week. Here's the official info for the event:

"All November long, Challengers Comics + Conversation, Chicago Comics, Third Coast Comics & First Aid Comics are celebrating the diversity of Chicago's Comic Shops. Starting November 1st, stop in to any of the 4 stores and pick-up a Comic Shop Passport. You then have all month long to get it stamped at each store. Each store is also offering a 20% discount to Passport holders and 4 winners will be drawn from all completed passports to split a prize total of over $1000.00 worth of comics, graphic novels, toys and statues.

And if that wasn't enough, all 4 stores are throwing a huge Comic Shop Party on Saturday, December 4th, 7pm to 1am, at the American Legion Hall, Roosevelt Post, at 1824 W Cortland St. in Bucktown. That's when the prize winners will be announced, and that party is open to ALL comic fans 21+, not just those with a Passport. Further details about all of this is available at any store."

Chicago Comics
3244 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL, 60657

Challenger Comics
1845 N. Western Ave. 2R
Chicago, IL

First Aid Comics
1459 East 53rd Street 2nd Floor
*Ring Buzzer*Chicago, IL, 60615

Third Coast Comics
6234 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL60660

Friday, October 29, 2010

Techno Viking (Kneecam No. 1) Video

I guess Metal no longer has the monopoly on Viking fans (I'm talking about the Norse ones, not the football ones.) I know this is old as fuck but the original has been blocked and this was just recently re-uped. Plus this is ridiculously fucking funny! This is during "Fuckparade 2000" which is a Techno street parade in Berlin. I don't even know if the guy knew he was being filmed but this shit is straight out of a movie! It starts slow but keep watching until around 1:28, it's worth the wait! Fuck donkey! Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Stuyvesants - Brooklyn's Finest [Free]

"Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant, the livest one..." who knew that a 17th century Colonial Dutchman would get so much love from Hip Hop? Now the Brooklyn neighborhood isn't his only namesake, a producer duo has recently formed under said name for this debut album of instrumentals aptly named "Brooklyn's Finest." Producer Algorythm and designer/record-collector Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt) got together to form this design and music collaboration team to put out shirts, produce graphics and create this 25 track project inspired by the sights and sounds of the 60s and 70s. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to the whole thing yet but what I have heard has been dope. There's some nice mellow tracks here for you to vibe and relax to, and if you like what you hear I'm sure you can hit these guys up for some beats or even some design work. Either way this is a nice collection of tracks that are more than just a simple beat cd. Check the links below and enjoy.

Download Here: The Stuyvesants - Brooklyn's Finest

The Stuyvesants Website:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mirrors Of Obsidian - Imminent Chaos Complete [Free Download]

It's about time I put up some free Death Metal on here! I was going to post a few videos and a short review of the D-Styles show last night but the sound in the videos I took turned out to be complete shit so I figured there was no point. D-Styles was sick though, very technical and creative. He even used "South of Heaven" to scratch with. Fucking Slayer! Anyways on to the task at hand...

Mirrors of Obsidian comes to us all the way from Dublin, Ireland. Originally Ciaran Ennis did vocals & Eoin Ennis played all the instruments but they've recently reached out for more musicians to complete their band. Mirrors play excellent prog-influenced Death Metal that reminds me a little of Gorod or Meshuggah. The screaming vocals sound especially Jens Kidman-esque and is coupled with some very clean, traditionally sung heavy metal vocals (which makes sense since the two original members were formerly in the Folk Metal band Celtic Legacy.) They even occasionally throw in some Cynic-like robot vocals as well. To get a further idea of their overall sound Mirrors also list Death, Fear Factory, Godflesh, Gojira and Emperor as some of their influences.

Despite the clean vocal parts I quite like this album, I'm a huge fan of prog/death combos, odd time signatures and technical almost cyclical riffing so if you are too I suggest you click the link to this HOARD. That's 'extra super hard' for all you laymen. You can download their entire debut album for free or if you'd like to make a small donation you can paypal whatever amount you feel fair to:

Mirrors of Obsidian is also looking for a bassist, so if you're in the Dublin area email them for information and inquiries:

Download Here for Free:

Mirrors of Obsidian Website:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rob Swift - Sketches Of The Architect [Free Scion EP]

Damn Damn Damn I got a one-track mind tonight, at least you readers get to benefit from it! More sscrrraatch madness for FREE courtesy of Rob Swift and (yet again) SCION. As if the free
Scion/Adult Swim Metal Sampler wasn't impressive enough, they're now giving away a free EP as a follow up to Rob Swift's album “The Architect” which was released earlier this year. Rob Swift is a member of the East Coast/Beat Juggling counterparts to the Invisbl Skratch Piklz, The X-ecutioners. The legendary turntablist crew was formerly known as the X-Men, but changed their name for obvious reasons (and the current Disney-owned Marvel Comics would have tore them a new one if they kept that name.) Thankfully The X-ecutioners (especially Rob Swift) have strayed away from being so juggle-centric and have embraced the scratching side of turntablism more over the last decade. This EP continues the classical influence heard on "The Architect" and the first track even has a narrated explanation of this and very short Rob Swift history lesson. Give it a shot and buy The Architect if you like this (ignore the random dance music that loads up on the page where you download the EP) RIP Roc Raida:

Download the Album for FREE here:
Rob Swift - Sketches Of The Architect

Buy the MP3 album of The Architect for only $8.99:
The Architect at

Dj T-Kut - Super Disco Scratch [Free Break Record]

So in honor of the D-Styles show tomorrow at Darkroom I decided that I'd get some scratching done during my day off. Plenty of natural light comes into my dj room and it will
(hopefully) be sunny tomorrow and the landlord will (hopefully) be at work so I should (hopefully) have nothing stopping me from gettin a little scratch session in during the day. Haven't scratched in a minute so I might be a little rusty. Also in honor of the D-Styles show I have a free digital scratch record from DJ T-Kut who comes to us all the way from Madrid. It's basically a bunch of synth/bass heavy, half/double-time raw breaks with minimal samples and some mean ass drums to help you get your scratch on or just vibe to some instrumental Hip Hop beats. Nothing really super slow or electro-fast on here, just a bunch of mid-tempo beats (my favorite) to work out to. There's also a few samples for scratching as well. I suppose you can also use these as beats for your raps or samples for your beats but that's a little corny isn't it? Enjoy as is or virtually load into two Serato records for some beat-jugglin. I will be furiously scratching to the first beat:

Download here:

DJ T-Kut Myspace:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

D-Styles @Darkroom, Chicago Fri Oct 22

Another short notice show but this one is definitely worth changing plans for if you have them, and it won't get cancelled like the last one. D-Styles is a dj from the legendary turntablist crews The Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Beatjunkies and Ned Hoddings. He is also a resident dj for the famous LA-based club "Low End Theory." Many scratchers (me included) count him as a major influence, even fellow/former ISP member DJ Qbert whom many consider the best scratch dj in the world. If you've never seen or heard anything like this before then this is the perfect introduction to the world of turntablism. Manipulating records through scratching and beat juggling is an acquired taste that is quite rewarding once you understand it. I liken it to enjoying improvised jazz or guitar nerds geeking out over solos, but there's also alot to be enjoyed if you just like good music and deejaying. You won't see anyone mix records together quite like D-Styles, and he'll probably bless us with some live tracks from his all-scratch album "Phantazmagorea" (most likely with the help of a looper of some sort.) That album is a masterpiece and quite possibly the magnum opus for turntablist albums. It may not be as aggressive as the better known turntablist masterpiece by Qbert "Wavetwisters," and it might not have an entire animated Hip Hop epic to go along with it, but it's definitely darker and is actually ENTIRELY made with scratching unlike Wavetwisters. You can also check the Low End Theory podcast download link below for a taste of what you might be able to expect (thanks to Vishal for the heads up on the mix.)

D-Styles will be brought to us by The Goodness, a monthly showcase put together by DJ Rude One who always manages to bring some great artists to the Darkroom. Rude One will also be doing a set this night along with Dario Ecks and my homie Norm Rockwell of local Hip Hop group 'The Pacifics.' Rumor has it that underground scratch legend 'Toadstyles' may be in the house as well (that's right, I put you on blast Adam!) If you're a fan of the art of deejaying you definitely do NOT want to miss this! Free entry before 10pm, or $10 for guys and $5 for girls after.

Download the FREE mix here: RIGHT CLICK to save the D-styles/Asura podcast

Buy Phantazmogorea for only $6.99!: Phantazmogorea at

2210 W Chicago Ave (at Leavitt St)
Ukrainian Village/West Town, Chicago

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hunters (Chicago) - 2010 Demo [FREE]

Early Mastodon, High on Fire, Corrosion of Conformity, Nola, Kumas Burgers, these are the things that comes to mind when listening to the debut demo from Hunters (I can't believe that name hasn't been taken yet.) This Chicago band plays a burly, thrashy, southern fried stoner blend of sludge that's as infectious as it is mean, and if you like any of the aforementioned bands then you'll thoroughly enjoy this 14 minute demo. The band started off as a trio in 2008 before losing member Ryan Kasparian (formerly of Plague Bringer) for awhile, then gained him back earlier this year along with 2 new members. The quintet is currently in the studio with The Atlas Moth's Andrew Ragin recording their untitled full length. They'll be playing Ronny's in Logan Square this Saturday the 22nd and at the Empty Bottle November 9th. Check out the link below to download the demo. Slayer:

Download the Free Demo Here: Hunters (Chicago) 2010 Demo

Hunters Website:

Chris Angelucci - Vocals
Luke Tobias - Guitar
Ryan Kasparian - Guitar
Jeremy Pyrzynski - Bass
Brian Kutanovski - Drums

Monday, October 18, 2010

Slayer/Megadeth/Anthrax Show Review @The Rave, Milwaukee Sat Oct 16

I'm usually way too tired after every show or forget too much details to be able to write a full review and this weekend's leg of the American Carnage Tour in Milwaukee was no exception. A few details do stick out so I can give you a partial review. Until the show I didn't realize that bassist Dave Ellefson was back in Megadeth. That news is way too big to have passed me by for this long and made my 2nd time seeing Megadeth this year my favorite (esp since I was able to hear "Rust in Peace" in it's entirety.) Hearing him play the opening lick to "Peace Sells" was worth the price of admission!

I also didn't realize that Jim Florentine from VH1's 'That Metal Show' would be there hosting. His banter was a welcome distraction in-between sets. The Rave/Eagle Ballroom was the most packed I've ever seen it and I honestly don't think I've ever been to a bigger indoor show. There must have been 5000 people there easily! It was also the first time I ever saw religious 'protesters' at a show. At least they were quieter than their signs which was the loudest sight of the night until the Slayer van rolled through:

I was also late and only able to catch about the last 3 songs of Anthrax's set but they absolutely blew me away! I don't think I've heard another band sound so good live, Joey Belladonna was phenomenal! The man must have spent all these years taking vocal lessons every fucking day because he sounds better than ever and it's been awhile since I've heard a voice like his in a metal band. It's fitting that he gave homage to Ronnie James Dio between songs because that's exactly who he reminded me of when I was listening to Anthrax's recently returned lead singer. I'm pissed that I was unable to hear "Only" or "N.F.L." Holy shit you need to catch Anthrax live if you can, I hope they do their own headlining tour soon. Oh yeah btw, Scott Ian announced that there would be a new Anthrax album next year. SLAYER. Check the link to a full review highlighting Anthrax's set. Oh yeah, FUCKING SLAYER!

Read a full review here: Anthrax Steal the show in Milwaukee

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ehnahre at Ball Hall, Chicago Wed Oct 20th *Update: US Tour Cancelled

I know this is short notice for a show but the band just recently solidified the venue for the Chicago date for their tour. You're probably wondering "who waits to book a venue 5 days before the show?" but after helping them get their Dekalb date and failing to get them an Empty Bottle date I can assure you that it took a long time and alot of hard work to even be able to get this last minute spot. The Chicago market is pretty competitive for metal acts, I guess that's the one good thing about Hip Hop shows having 15 acts for each show - it makes it pretty easy to book. But once again I digress...

Ehnahre (pronounced 'N-R') is a self-proclaimed "Satan Jazz" band from Boston which at one point included all former members of avant-metallers 'Kayo Dot.' The band now only includes 2 former members of Kayo Dot and is pared down to a trio and various studio contributors. While Kayo Dot has moved away from the metal influences more with every release Ehnahre has managed to experiment with their sound without straying too far from metal. They mainly combine free jazz and death metal with emphasis on the atonality of both but they also touch all points of the extreme metal spectrum as well.

These guys gets Idol Threat's highest recommendation, I didn't discover their 2008 album 'The Man Closing Up' until early last year but it fast became a favorite of mine. It had guitars, trumpets, noise, a violin and some of the best throat-ripping growls I've ever heard. Their new album "Taming the Cannibals" will be available direct from Crucial Blast in early October. The album will be available in stores and online on cd and digital download on November 9th, 2010. If you're free and in Chicago this Wednesday October 20th be sure to check them out at "The Ball Hall" 1621 N Kedzie Ave. And check out the Dekalb date at The House if you're in the area too. All the tour dates are listed below after the free download link for "
The Clatterbones" off of their upcoming album. Enjoy.

*UPDATE: Unfortunately the rest of Ehnahre's US Tour is cancelled due to funds. Here's their official statement:

"Ehnahre is the bearer of bad news. We are extremely disappointed to say we have to cut our tour short- because touring the US is a fucking devastating financial holocaust. We have lost so much money, we cannot afford to go on, unless we pawn our gear or start mugging peope. The only way we can assure that we have enough gas money to get is, regretfully, pack it up and leave now.

But much thanks to the people who helped along the way, and especially to Wolvserpent, for being so cool, and enduring our drunken insanity. They're still going for another week or so, check them out if you have the chance. And tell Blake to crush a brew. Our deepest apologies to anyone who planned to be in attendance in St Louis, Chicago, Dekalb, or Pittsburgh."

Download the free MP3 of The Clatterbones: (Right Click to Save)

Check out this interview at Ryan McGuire of Ehnahre interview

Oct 17 2010 7:00P Downtown Music Little Rock, AR
Oct 19 2010 8:00P Lemp Arts St. Louis, MO
Oct 20 2010 7:00P Ball Hall Chicago, IL
Oct 21 2010 9:00P The House Cafe DeKalb, IL
Oct 22 2010 8:00P Caid Detroit, MI
Oct 23 2010 8:30P Garfield Artworks Pittsburgh, PA